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Originality This is the dress that the elderly should have. The age-reducing dress of the 60-year-old aunt shows a different kind of beauty.


Don’t give up the requirements for dressing at any time , Age is not a problem, the key is mentality. Keeping a young mind forever is the secret recipe for a woman to stay young forever. In the eyes of many people, when they are old, they should have the status of an elderly person. In fact, dressing and matching is not only related to age, but also inseparable from one’s own temperament and personality. Even the older sister who is over 60 must wear the taste and characteristics of homemade.

This elder wear blogger from Japan, 60 plus years of age, ordinary-looking, with a neat short hair, and she is less than 160cm tall, but she always attracts attention. Her way of dressing is simple and comfortable without losing the sense of fashion. Each single product can also be combined in many ways, which is extremely practical.

The most distinctive feature is that every time she looks sideways, bows her head, and smiles, at first glance, she feels that this pose is really monotonous. However, every time she was attracted by her smile, she showed her white teeth, sincere and happy, which really moved her face, and her positive and optimistic attitude towards life added luster to her capital increase.

T-shirt It is the style she often chooses. The pure cotton texture brings comfort to the body, and the slightly loose version will not make the body feel bound. No need to deliberately emphasize the curve of the figure, it is simple to create a comfortable, relaxed and fashionable taste.

The combination of blue and white It looks very fresh and elegant. This cool tone can also bring visual relaxation, so that the impetuous mind is immediately relieved. Only by achieving a degree of relaxation in collocation can it appear harmonious in shape. The mid-length version of this T-shirt with the upper body is relatively loose, and the white trousers below are the slim version.

White short-sleeved T-shirts are commonly used in summer. Regardless of age and gender, as long as you like, you can choose a simple white T-shirt to match any item.

The older sister is choosing White T-shirt The most important thing is in the choice of material, too thin and light material will bring a perspective effect, which will expose the shortcomings of the figure, and it will also appear a little cheap. Tight-fitting styles should also be chosen carefully. Most sisters will more or less accumulate fat in the lower abdomen in the middle-aged stage. A slightly looser version can well cover up the unsatisfactory figure.

Elderly sisters don’t need to blindly seek stability in dressing and matching. The well-regulated style is really not easy to make mistakes, but it will not bring more highlights, and it is easy to appear mediocre. And by adding uniquely designed styles, you can express your thoughts even more.

Such as this shirt , The light pink color is more soft visually. The most bright spot is that the shirt design uses an asymmetrical shape. The front is shorter and the back is longer, which adds a sense of layering visually, and also modifies the buttocks.

In the selection Solid color When it comes to clothing, the color matching is relatively simple, and it will not bring a sense of bells and whistles, especially clean white, which can be matched with any color, and because of the high brightness of white, it can also increase the overall brightness. However, if the solid color clothing lacks a sense of design, it will appear a bit mediocre.

This white top uses pure white and clean colors to bring a refreshing feeling. Although the long style will bring the risk of height, the short-sleeved design adds a large area of ​​exposed skin, slender arms and The loose blouse forms a contrast and sets off the slender figure. The scenery of this jacket on the back, the inverted V shape and the longitudinal fold design not only create the proportions of the figure, but also make the picture full of agility.

The middle-aged sister can be a bit richer in dressing. When she was young, she had limited dressing and matching because of work. Now, financial freedom, physical and mental freedom, can also make the style more colorful.

Like this White shirt , The shape is more exaggerated, the loose style is like a short skirt with fluffy lantern sleeves, the overall picture brings a bit of playful and romantic flavor, and the stitching of the waist and the style of fine folds can easily resolve the long style The bloated feeling brought by the top. The bottom is matched with a pair of blue jeans, which is very youthful and vigorous.

For the expansion effect brought by white, many plump sisters are more resistant. At this time, they usually choose black clothes, hoping that the unique shrinking effect of dark colors can create the purpose of slimming.

This body shape uses all black, the top is Black shirt , The bottom is a black mopping skirt, through High waist The shape of the body has improved the overall height. Such a shape is easy to show a sense of dullness, especially for petite women, it is difficult to wear elegant beauty.

The blogger has done a lot of work on the material. The thin fabric brings a light effect. Unbuttoning the two buttons of the jacket reveals the white neck skin, and then rolls up the sleeves to reveal the slender arms, bringing a certain amount of In contrast, with a white bag, the dullness is immediately reduced.

Ankle-length long skirts have certain restrictions on the figure, which is more suitable for tall women to create a chic and romantic style. If you are worried about wearing a bloated feeling, you may wish to replace the long skirt with a pair of capable jeans. This outfit has the romantic feeling of not losing the long skirt. The black loose baby shirt is romantic and playful but stable. The bottom is matched with a pair of blue jeans. Create a sharp contrast in color. Tuck the front part of the hem into the jeans, immediately dividing the waistline, and at the same time, it can dissolve the fluffy feeling of the black top, and it can also bring the chic charm of walking with wind between walking.

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