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Originally, Musk said Tesla might resume buying cars with Bitcoin? Musk is really sitting on Bitcoin?


Recently, the Bitcoin market has been a roller coaster. There will always be a person when Bitcoin rises and falls sharply. This is Musk, the head of Tesla, who has won the world’s richest man several times, and every time Bitcoin soars. More or less the plunge will have his credit. Doesn’t Musk announce that he is going to reply to Bitcoin to buy a car, and Bitcoin once again rushed to a high position. Is Musk, who jumped repeatedly from side to side, really sits on Bitcoin?

  1. Musk said Tesla wants to resume buying cars with Bitcoin?

    According to Hexun.com, this year’s cryptocurrency market has become extremely chaotic because of Musk’s blending. The several rounds of Bitcoin’s ups and downs are all related to him. Previously, he posted that Bitcoin was not environmentally friendly, causing Bitcoin to plummet from more than $40,000. Now Musk has posted more Bitcoin, and in one sentence, Bitcoin has risen by 10%, rebounding to 39,000 US dollars.

    In the early morning of June 14, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated on social media that once it is confirmed that more than 50% of Bitcoin miners use clean energy for mining, Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin payments. After the news was released, the price of Bitcoin rose 8.54%, breaking through $39,000 for a short period of time, and re-approaching the $40,000 mark.

    However, not long ago, Musk was also updating his social platform and released the expression of Bitcoin’s heartbreak. The allotted graphic is still a text of a couple breaking up, which is considered to be parting with Bitcoin, and Bitcoin plummeted. It has not been able to rise for a week in a row, and Musk has also been vilified by many investors.

    However, Muskobi didn’t care, and was still making (manipulating) Bitcoin remarks. According to reports, Musk confirmed that he and Tesla did indeed sell about 10% of the bitcoin they held. This move was designed to help “confirm that bitcoin can be easily liquidated without affecting the market.”

2. Is Musk, who is jumping from side to side, really sitting on Bitcoin?

We see that almost every time the price of Bitcoin appears to fall on a large scale, Musk will jump out of various special circumstances to cause violent fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. Everyone can’t help but ask if Musk is really in Sit on Bitcoin?

First of all, from the perspective of the long-term development and evolution of Bitcoin, it is not very likely that Musk will be in charge of Bitcoin in the early stage. This is because the early stage of Bitcoin is basically in the hands of most Internet hackers and Internet speculators. At that time, most of the situation in Musk was in Tesla’s automobile manufacturing and rocket manufacturing and other fields, so from a long-term perspective, we said that Musk was sitting on Bitcoin at the beginning. It seems unlikely.

Secondly, from the current point of view, Musk has very obvious characteristics of Bitcoin. The core reason is that in the process of large fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin, there seems to be more or less the shadow of Musk. Musk always seems to give you some unexpected results in some very special circumstances. This is the most likely special situation for Musk in Bitcoin. We can think that in the early stage, Musk was due to his hands. There are not too many chips, so he does not actually have much confidence in Zuozhuang Bitcoin, but with the increasing number of chips in his hand, in fact, he now has the possibility of Zuozhuang Bitcoin. Every time the price of Bitcoin fluctuates on a large scale, Musk will make some very special moves, which is why he takes the position of Bitcoin.

Third, from a long-term point of view, everyone has seen the shadow of Musk in these rounds of Bitcoin’s plunge. Therefore, in such a situation, we might as well consider carefully what Musk is doing. Everyone is doing Bitcoin. When trading coins, do you have to consider clearly that Bitcoin has become a very high-risk currency? If giants like Musk are all in it, do you have to think about whether you are an ordinary person or not? If you don’t have the possibility of confrontation by this kind of super boss, don’t easily participate in the Bitcoin market. This kind of market risk is no longer affordable for ordinary investors.