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Show full of virtual models, promoting Balenciaga’s market lanes


Balenciaga’s latest fashion show uses digital technology to create artificial images of models and guests in attendance.

Models, virtual guests in the show Balenciaga’s show, titled “Clone,” helps viewers weigh in between reality and a virtual lifestyle. Before the fashion show, creative director Demna Gvasalia said: “This is a show that never happened. What we see is not real, but the clothes are real.” The brand used the image of artist Eliza Douglas to become 44 models and guests by deepfake technology to create artificial images with photometric techniques and CG scanning, changing hairstyles and accessories for each people. The market lane appeared on the catwalk Balenciaga always uses life material to add to each show. The brand transforms the bags into shopping lanes with high-quality plastic materials and the BB characters attached to the body, combining a series of costumes that exaggerate the shoulders and oversized shape. The workmanship of the craftsmen of the Spanish fashion house is appreciated in the pleated skirt in the form of a rounded shape that weaves straight lines running along the length of the skirt. The brand also promotes Trooper boots and Derbies shoes with thick soles, stylish square toes. In addition, the designs range from dark colors to vibrant colors or blend outstanding floral motifs to convey the message of an optimistic and bright future in the context of the Covid pandemic. -19. “Stealing” Gucci bags After the previous collaboration, Balenciaga continues to surprise viewers when using Gucci’s signature products to transform into its design, to convey the ideas of authenticity, counterfeiting and appropriation. in the fashion industry. Demna Gvasalia said to Vogue : “Alessandro Michele and I are very different, but we are both interested in the story of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry”. The brand redesigned the bags with the traditional Gucci motifs and the GG lettering replaced with the BB logo. The Italian fashion house’s signature belt is also reworked with a BB buckle. Another bag style has a doodle “This is not a Gucci bag”, which mimics the painting The Treachery of Images by artist Rene Magritte.