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Originally, the high temperature in India exceeds 50 degrees. The locals rely on “watermelon pie” to relieve the heat. Why are tourists repelled?


In this hot season, people can wear cool clothes and show off their figure, but they still often face embarrassing moments of sweating at every turn. Fortunately, there are air conditioning and cold drinks, otherwise they really don’t know. How to spend it. So what would it be like to change to a foreign country? In fact, if it is in Europe, most countries still do not promote the use of air conditioners because of the need to protect the environment.

If it is in South Asia, it may be even more difficult, because it is located in the tropics, and the temperature often reaches 50 degrees. Today’s India is a typical example. Anyone familiar with the local national conditions should know that the gap between the rich and the poor in this country is very large. There are only a few rich people who can use air conditioners. As for the poor, they can only find ways to escape the heat, such as buying ice cubes and soaking them in the Ganges water, or making simple straw air conditioners.

With the development of time, a kind of heat-reducing delicacy “watermelon pie” has also been born in the local area. This summer-specific fruit is extremely popular in many countries. India is no exception. Local vendors often treat They are cut into pieces and placed on the street for sale. People passing by also like to buy them and eat them, but for foreign tourists, they may be a bit repellent. What is going on?

In fact, anyone who has traveled to this country should know that the environment in India is very dirty, messy and poor. There are a lot of garbage piled on the roadside. Because of religious beliefs, people will not go to the bathroom at home, but will urinate and defecate outdoors. The Shanghui is full of unpleasant smells, and flies are flying everywhere, and these street foods will naturally suffer. In addition, the materials are not very hygienic, and diarrhea will inevitably occur after eating. The same is true for watermelon pie. In addition, because there is no good preservation technology, they are placed on the street carelessly, and dust and flies are allowed to fall on the top. Even if the price is cheaper, it will inevitably make people feel somewhat acceptable. No, it’s not just watermelon, like popsicle sugar cane juice, it also uses Ganges water, so don’t try it lightly for the sake of your stomach. Do you feel that you have gained knowledge when you see this? So what do you want to say about this? Welcome to leave a comment below!