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Originally, this place in Gansu dared to be called Jiuzhaigou, what a mysterious and beautiful place is this


Jiuzhaigou, known as the “fairy tale world”

Mysterious and beautiful

But it’s very far away

There is a place that many people yearn for

At the same time, many people take long vacations and go to places by plane

But what you don’t know is

Gansu has the only one in the country

A place that dares to call Jiuzhaigou

But little known

Its beauty is comparable to Jiuzhaigou

If you don’t believe me, just look down

Jiuzhaigou is particularly blessed by God,

Strange by the mountains, spirit by the water,

Sometimes, it is like a girl in white gauze,

Sometimes, it looks like a mighty dragon.

But as you know,

Take a group photo to commemorate the peerless beauty in long queues,

There is also a secret place in Gansu,

Not inferior to this.

Follow me to appreciate its elegance.

Here is a waterfall comparable to Jiuzhaigou,

Rushed out of the dense forest,

Like green looms that never stop,

Weaving various specifications of white silk.

Here is a maple forest comparable to Jiuzhaigou,

High-profile show their beauty,

It is a free and easy without any embellishment,

And the arrogance that does not care about the prosperity of the world.

There is an ice waterfall comparable to Jiuzhaigou,

A series of frozen icicles hung in the air,

Solidify time and beauty together.

Here is

Guan’egou, Longnan, Gansu.


Guan’egou Forest Park-National AAAA-level scenic spot

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The sun shines on the fresh and bright official goose ditch,

After the rain, it is more beautiful and enchanting,

The bottomless lake was blown with blue waves by the wind,

After the rendering of sunlight,

The sparkling is a bit dazzling.

Those unpredictable clouds,

Or flow,

Or stop,

Intentionally or unconsciously added decoration to the blue sky.