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Originally went to Xiamen’s back garden for a vacation, and thought he was in “Bali”


Where to go on vacation in Xiamen? Not wanting to be too far away, but also wanting to stay away from the crowd, Changtai, one hour’s drive from Xiamen, found a “haven paradise”-Tang Song Huaxian Valley. It’s like “Bali” here, with sunshine, green plants, and Southeast Asian architecture. It’s really pleasant to be able to enjoy the exotic scenery without going abroad.

This is really rare in Fujian Southeast Asian Style Resort , Walking in the Huaxian Valley feels like walking in the tropical rain forest, full of green eyes, which brings a hint of coolness in summer. The small wooden houses and various flowers by the lake are astonishingly beautiful against the blue sky and white clouds.

About accommodation:

The rooms in Huaxiangu are very good, with garden rooms, tree houses, elegant rooms, and parent-child rooms. The feature is that the rooms here are quite large, each with a courtyard, with sun umbrellas, outdoor chairs, etc.; some rooms also have steaming and hot springs. It is very suitable for making tea, chatting, basking in the sun, and watching the stars here. It is very suitable for family outings.

This time I stayed in the “big bed room” with lake view in the luxurious garden of the flower house, built by the lake. The electric car is sent to the front of the house, and the courtyard door is opened. Found that this is not just a villa ?

The entire floor-to-ceiling glass wall used in the room allows you to see the outdoor landscape when you lie on the bed, which is really beautiful. The blue and white beddings are elegant and comfortable. The rooms are made of logs. They are surrounded by nature and have the fragrance of logs.

This room also has a separate sauna and hot spring pool, so you can relax your body when you are out of the house.The room also provides a variety of soft drinks, all of which are ok Free to drink , There are coconut water, Paris water, rio special cocktail hand brewed coffee, Tieguanyin… It’s super sweet.

When the sun sets, you can sit on the balcony, enjoy the lake view, make tea, and lazily enjoy the beauty of the “natural oxygen bar” here.

PS: The drinks in the refrigerator in the twin room are not free!

About attractions:

Staying in Huaxian Valley, going to Qiqu Valley is free, and it is within walking distance. This is really a good place for parents and children. Sky Ranch: There are several cute alpacas here, running around freely in the green grassland. From a distance, I thought it was the beautiful scenery seen in the prairie.

Alpacas are cleaner than usual, and the fur is very soft, and there is no peculiar smell, which is very fun. 50/time (1 large and 1 small send carrot shreds to feed the alpaca)

Fantasy Starry Sky VR Hall: Various VR games that the timid can also play. Motorcycles, roller coasters, Shenzhou N. 35/time

Chasing small train: A small train that adults can also take. The small locomotive will emit white smoke. Going through the space-time tunnel and then turning out, there is a bamboo forest, which is very beautiful, and the whistle will sound when turning, which is very interesting. (Small train without hurdles, take care of children’s needs.) 20/time

There is also an oversized ant sliding on the slide, which is super cute.

Rainbow Plaza: It is also the pink lake of Internet celebrity, pink pink, special beauty under the blue sky and white clouds, and it is also a good place to take pictures and check in.

Dendrobium Bubble Museum: Mainly all kinds of Dendrobium, there are all kinds of frogs, and the constant temperature environment is also particularly comfortable.

Glass triangle house: There is a large lawn in front of which is planted with roses. Outdoor weddings can be held here. But it’s also great to take kids to play on the grass.

Qiqu Valley, no matter where is beautiful, the green plants are superb.

About food:

Only the Chinese restaurant is currently open, and breakfast is also served here, and breakfast is provided for check-in. The Chinese restaurant has boxes and a lobby, and we don’t sit in the lobby, so the environment is beautiful. Facing the lake scene, watching the swallows fly around, the birds and flowers are like a fairyland on earth.

Many of the vegetables and fruits in this restaurant are grown in the valley. Not only is it safe to eat, but it also has a taste of ancient times.

Bamboo shoots are said to be grown in the valley, very tender and crisp.

Black tofu, Changtai characteristics, with the original bean aroma, the taste is more solid.

Any seasonal vegetables are very good, with a touch of sweetness, with the taste of childhood.

The court trotter, a person who doesn’t usually eat meat, ate 4 yuan in one breath, and the trotter was delicious. With the scent of earthen pork, the Q bomb has toughness.

It is said that the lake fish is superb, it is best to book in advance, you need to fish right now, we did not have it, we will try again next time.

About traffic:

Self-driving route: Xiamen Island-Xinglin Bridge-G15 Shenhai Expressway in the direction of Zhangzhou-G76 Xiarong Expressway in the direction of Changtai-G1503 Xiamen Ring Expressway Yanxi Exit-Tang and Song Huaxian Valley

Chartered car: 180/trip

Regarding the cost:

Room fee: 600+-8800 (discount on the platform)

Strange Fun Valley: 60 (free admission for check-in)

Chinese restaurant: 80+ per capita