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A shares: Tuesday, it may usher in an accelerated rise!


The surface is described in two words: beautiful! Regardless of whether it is a stock, a large-cap index, the profit effect is still good. If you lose money in this market, you just have to say that your rhythm is wrong, not the market’s fault.

There are 91 daily limit. Although I seem to never get along with the daily limit, it doesn’t affect my mood. What kind of style determines what kind of ending, I play for the medium and long-term stability, and even the semi-equity index fund ETF is destined to be insulated from the daily limit, but it is constantly rising.

Some people say that the water used for food brewing has plummeted. Isn’t it a good thing? A small T on the disk can regain the blood, reducing the cost and being naughty again. If you evaluate it objectively and it falls, where will the market get better? Which time did it not directly crash the Shanghai Composite Index, but also brought the index to rise again.

The temper of securities is to rise and fall. They dare not pull up and are afraid that they will not be able to suppress the madness of the index. They can only let consumption rush to the front. Only the water energy brewed by grain is the only side of consumption.

On Tuesday, you can expect to accelerate the rise

On Monday, the trend was perfect. It bottomed out twice, and many people were washed out, and they were short of 3,500 points. There has never been a peak that retail investors can foresee. When they are all on the run, please bear with me. If you breathe more than anyone in the end, you will win.

This dishwashing technique is too familiar, with 3,500 points as the psychological point, repeated shocks between the communities, without losing chips, boiled the green baby in warm water, and left people off the car. Things that can’t be done sideways at 3,600 points, fall back to 3,500 points, then it’s easy to do.

However, the main funds have never been worried that the return will be less than 3,600 points. Only the panicked retail investors worry that they will not return. Securities fully adjusted, a big positive line, they will chase in again, and their emotions will see 4000 points again.

The people who are short of 3,000 points here are the same group of people who were brainwashed by 4,000 points of speech. They are the eternal gods of wealth in A shares, and of course they are the kind who send warmth.

Some things you missed, forget it Say it again, all high-quality long-term tracks are not your short-term naughty place. Taking profits to fight for profits and chasing high to enter the game are two different things. One detail determines your final outcome. In the event of a big drop, those who chased the high were complaining besides panic, while those who held it happily did T for nothing. What is the mentality? It is not just learning to have it, but the confidence, what is the confidence, it is the thick floating profit, when your costs are all negative, do you still have the idea of ​​panic when you encounter this kind of plummet? I said that my trading system is to start holding at a low position and operate in a floating position until the cost drops to a negative number one day. Then you will be more calm. If you increase your profit, you can decrease your number of shares. You can play for a few years. greasy. For example: medicine, military industry, when you call back, you just ignore it, and you didn’t even notice that the two bottoms of the medical aesthetics were even yang. You may only notice after reading Xiaofan’s article. Why did you happen to be there when the price rose? Final summary There is nothing to say about the market, that’s it, let it be naughty for a while. If you are bearish, please be bearish forever. These are also good things. If you don’t play, you win! Because short positions can outperform 80% of retail investors, just don’t help being lured by the big Yangxian too much.

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