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The original Li Xian suits are stylish and stylish! Senior cool and charming, handsome and new height become temperament male god?


This year, due to “Dear, Loved” ,’S broadcast, Li Xian It’s on fire, it has become what many girls say “Current boyfriend”, . Because she played the role of “Gun”, Handsome and tall ‘s this character is liked by many people!

Li Xi’an is not only Superb acting, ,of Unique experience , Is also one. Because of its good condition, it controls various styles just right!

Li Xian He is a rising star in the fashion industry, and his clothes will always be sought after by people. Come and see the little girl who likes Li Xi’an!Let me share a set of Li Xi’an and Handsome Street clothing.

Analysis of “existing boyfriend” male kamika style

1. Sky blue suit + white T-shirt + white sports shoes (fresh, sunny)

Sky blue blazer Pretty The color is very eye-catching.Collocation pure ‘s white t-shirt, like blue sky and white clouds, Fresh and moving.

The slim version of the suit makes Li Xi’an’s figure look like Tall , The design of cropped trousers has added A sense of neatness. The flavor of

Wearing white sneakers on the feet and on the body Casual and handsome , The “Scary Change Sunshine boy.

2. Black suit + white shirt + black leather shoes (capable)

Black suit, Exquisite ‘s version is very Clean and neat , With white shirt and black bow tie, in classic , High-class and atmospheric. Form a black and white match

Wearing black leather shoes on the feet, the pointy design is full of British style .This set is full of Capable with Temperament , Very suitable for parties, Handsome and unrestrained, with a strong aura.

3. Black woolen coat + red knit sweater + black casual pants + black leather shoes (premium)

Black wool coat Exquisite The tailoring shows the spirit of men, with a red sweater, very gorgeous, ‘s high neck design Warmth and temperament.

Choose a slim-fit suit pants, revealing long slender legs, the classic black and red collocation is very advanced.

Wearing black leather shoes on your feet will add a little bit to the whole Formality sense.This costume is with Cool handsome with Without losing taste. Very suitable

4. Denim jacket + white shirt + light blue jeans + casual sports shoes (sunshine)

2ef85c4acc8ac1bf0617183650?from=pc” img_width=”1080″ img_height=”1619″ alt=”Li Xian wears a suit in style!High-class, cool and charming, handsome and new height become temperament male god” inline=”0″ class=”syl-page-img”> The light blue denim jacket is rich Texture The fabric gives Sophistication , With a white shirt and a black tie inside, for the whole Casual and handsome Added a bit A sense of competence in the workplace.

Also choose a light-colored jeans for the bottoms, loosely cut Casual and comfortable, Very again Age reduction .

I wear color-blocking sneakers on my feet to fully demonstrate The sense of sight of a beautiful man in sunshine , It feels like the brother next door!

5. Striped suit jacket + white shirt + black casual pants + white sports shoes (exquisite)

This black striped blazer, the added red line adds to the clothes Three-dimensional , The rolled up cuffs add to the clothes Color sense, fresh and casual.

Inside it is matched with a white shirt, unbuttoned at will, Bohemian free and easy feeling, With black slacks below, Fashionable and handsome.

Wear white sneakers on your feet, as a whole Sense of competence increased Dynamic casual style , Plus blurred eyes, Cool male gods have a sense of sight.

6. Blue shirt + black bottoming shirt + black casual pants + black leather shoes (handsome)

The white pattern on the blue shirt makes the shirt not monotonous in color, but more Handsome , The unbuttoned button adds Casually lazy.

The black bottoming shirt inside has increased Sophistication , Wearing a pair of black casual cropped trousers, rich Texture The fabric gives Sense of luxury.

I wear a pair of black casual leather shoes on my feet. High profile also Stylish and handsome Style to wear!

7. Beige sweater + gray suit pants + white sports shoes (casual)

Loose beige sweater Casual and comfortable , Tuck the sweater into the trousers, revealing the waistband at the waist to increase the overall Sophistication , The gray pants are very Fashion and western style.

Wear white sneakers on your feet ,comfortability Full without losing Casual style, Show off Sunny and handsome The big boy has a sense of sight.

This match is full of teenagers Sentimental innocence, handsome and fashionable.

8. Striped shirt + white T-shirt + black casual pants + white sports shoes (fashionable)

This striped shirt Pretty The color is very gorgeous , Shirt with a white T-shirt added Layering , So that the overall collocation is not monotonous.

Wear a pair of black casual pants with loose legs The trend is casual, The rolled up trousers increase the height of the body.

Wear white sneakers on your feet, unique the design of Dynamic , All in Casual Without losing High-class temperament.

9. Black sports suit + white T-shirt + white sports shoes (dynamic)

A Puma casual sportswear is very popular, and the black suit makes the figure Tall and thin , With a white T-shirt inside, adding to the overall dark color Sense of color.

Black slacks on the lower body, with an increased closure design Exquisite and neat , With white sneakers on the feet, classic black and white matching Fashionable and dynamic.

Under the background of sportswear, Li Xian even more Handsome , Cool feeling and style!

10. Denim jacket + ginger yellow shirt + blue jeans + black casual shoes (trend)

Dark blue denim jacket with ginger shirt, giving Cool feeling also personality Fully, denim jacket and shirt with turned-over collar, Rich layering.

I also chose a pair of blue jeans for the bottom, which is loosely cut Casual comfort The feeling is strong, and the rolled up trousers increase Fashion sense.

Wear black casual shoes on your feet, adding to the whole Casual style, fashionable and trendy .

11. Black woolen coat + white shirt + black casual pants (artistic)

A long black coat, rich metallic feel The buttons are very gorgeous , Long version Free and handsome , Formed with a white shirt inside classic Black and white match, tie on Exquisite The tie adds a bit A sense of competence.

Wearing black slacks and a pair of literary gold glasses, he instantly became a Quiet beautiful man .

This set of collocation Literary atmosphere Full, The sense of sight of the custard niche.


This is how I share Li Xian’s fashion style! Li Xian uses suits, denims, shirts, and sweaters to match us with stylish, handsome, high-end and fashionable men’s style!

I hope everyone likes my sharing, and I hope it can help everyone!

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