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Protein-rich foods can be used to replace meat and fish


Usually in meals, there must be meat and fish to supplement protein, if bored with meat, fish can be replaced with vegetables with high protein content.
Meat and fish are an essential source of protein for the body, but if you are a vegetarian or do not eat meat, you can also use the following protein-rich vegetables instead.

Illustration. 1. Peas Chickpeas are rich in protein, you can use it as an ideal alternative to meat. 2. Green vegetables Green leafy vegetables often contain a lot of protein to help muscle growth as well as supplement energy for the body. 3. Cauliflower Broccoli (broccoli) contains a very high amount of protein, in addition, it also contains many nutrients that are very good for the body. Remember that broccoli is best when it’s dark green, and its benefits diminish as it turns yellow. 4.American corn (sweet corn) American corn contains a lot of protein. This dish can do many dishes: boiled, baked, made corn milk, cooked soup, fried … Corn is both delicious and can completely replace meat. 5. Mushrooms A bowl of mushrooms can bring you an extra 3.9g of protein. And with the same sweetness as the fish flesh of mushrooms, it would be remiss if mushrooms were not on this list. 6. Asparagus This easy-to-eat vegetable not only provides protein, but also helps protect the body against many diseases. With a plate of sautéed asparagus, you may not need another plate of meat for a meal. 7. Soybean beans Soybean (soybean) is the main source of protein for vegetarians in Asian countries. Soybeans can be eaten directly after boiling, steaming, grinding into milk, or processed into tofu.