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Pure June lotus scent hương


In June, Ha Thanh seems to calm down in the summer sun when the lotus season hits the alley with a pure and gentle fragrance. Sen came as a promise to a flower lover.
The scent of lotus lingers in the rhythm of the flowers in the street. The women and sisters bought a few bouquets of lotus flowers to offer to the ancestors and put them in the living room. Flower connoisseurs often choose the right Tay Ho cypress lotus, never confused with anemone flower. Because lotus inherently has an ethereal and idyllic beauty, we should only plug it into a rustic ceramic vase.

Illustration The lotus buds are attached to the lotus calyx and the young lotus leaves stretch to show off their colors, giving off a subtle fragrance. In feng shui, the display of lotus flowers will help purify the air, increase good sand energy and remove evil spirits, helping homeowners avoid all worries. These days, flower lovers often go up to see lotuses on West Lake. Early in the morning, the lotus pond appeared in the mist, as if we were lost in the fairy world. The pink and white lotus flowers rising high above the emerald green lotus leaves make us think of enlightenment, getting rid of the dust of greed – anger – delusion in the life cycle. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel the pure fragrance spreading in the wind, your soul is suddenly light. The scent of lotus is like the agglomeration of the spirit of the sun and the rain in the summer. Looming on the lagoon, people rowed small boats to pick lotus flowers to marinate tea. Lotus is usually picked from the mist or when the afternoon falls, because this is the time when the lotus has the deepest scent. Tay Ho lotus tea has become a “famous tea” with a delicate aroma, mysterious charm. Each family has its own traditional secret that is meticulous, sophisticated and precise to make the name of Ha Thanh tea. And behold, the sun has risen… Wherever the sun shines, the lotus wakes up and spreads its wings. The whole lotus dress is like a watercolor painting in the summer sun. Each color of lotus contains a different meaning. The pink lotus is said to be the supreme flower, the symbol of the Buddha bringing peace to sentient beings. The white lotus flower symbolizes purity and innocence. The blue lotus is a great harmony between humans and the natural environment, so it is always taken as a symbol of peace The red lotus symbolizes the love of all species with the compassion of each person. Golden lotus brings good sand and prosperity to the world. The purple lotus is quite rare and symbolizes one of the Buddha’s noble teachings about human enlightenment. Coincidentally, most of the ancient temples at West Lake face the lake. Perhaps that is also the meaningful feng shui of the ancients. In the evening, the sound of temple bells spreads in the air, the fragrant incense and the pure lotus scent make our mind strangely calm. For a moment, it seemed that all the delusions and profanity stopped outside the three-door gate. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh once wrote the famous calligraphy “No mud – no lotus” with a wise explanation: “The lotus cannot exist without the mud. Likewise, without suffering, there is no happiness. It is through suffering that we know how to create happiness. Therefore, the lotus cannot be rid of the mud. The lotus flower blooms beautifully to show the value of mud. The Zen master’s meaningful message gives us insight into the two categories of cause and effect in everything. Sen had to wait patiently for many days in the mud to come to the right season to bloom and blossom. In June, Ha Thanh street enters the pure and gentle lotus season.