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Quynh Nhai Tourism: Awakening the beauty of the Northwest region


Compared to the ‘Ha Long Bay’ of the Northwest region, Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area (a part of Son La hydroelectric lake) has a lot of potential to attract tourists by its poetic and charming beauty. Currently, the local government has a plan to expand investment so that Quynh Nhai tourist area becomes a tourist center of Son La province in general and a bright spot of tourism in the Northwest region, at the same time creating more products. new tourism connection between Son La and Hanoi.

Boat trip to visit Son La lake (Quynh Nhai district) is one of the experiences when visiting Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area. Cruise on Son La Lake About 60 km from the center of Son La city, Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area emerges as an attractive tourist destination in the Northwest region with beautiful natural landscapes. In operation since March 2019, the resort includes a complex of works: tourist boat dock, Pa Uon bridgehead general service area, heart island, community tourism combined with Bon mineral bath. (Muong Chien commune)… Exploring Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area, visitors will be able to travel on a boat to visit Son La lake (actually the bed of Son La hydroelectric lake), admire the beautiful natural landscape with clear blue water. The two sides are limestone mountains and small islands. Perhaps that is why tourists compare this place to the “Ha Long Bay” of the Northwest. The highlight of the experience journey is discovering Heart Island – more than 10 km upstream from Pa Uon Bridge (the highest pillared bridge in Vietnam). Coming here, in addition to admiring the majestic beauty of the Da River, visitors can experience activities of swimming on the river, water bicycle, boating, taking photos on the island… From here, travel by boat to the top. From the source of the Da River for more than 1 hour, visitors will come to visit and experience the community tourism area combined with hot mineral bath in Bon village, enjoy the unique ethnic cuisine. Panoramic view of Son La lake when standing from Nang Han temple. In addition to discovering the beautiful scenery on Son La lake, tourists can also visit Linh Son Thuy Tu relic, Nang Han temple on Pu Nghiu hill (Muong Giang commune). Linh Son Thuy Tu is a temple to worship mountain gods, river gods, then rulers of heaven and earth, and all things… And Nang Han temple is a place to worship the Thai national hero female general – who had merit in defeating the enemy. northern. Head of Tourism Management Department (Son La Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Bui Khac Bao said that Son La province has its own plan to develop Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area into a key tourist destination of Vietnam. the provincial. Introducing more about Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area, Mr. Dang Quang Giau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quynh Nhai Fisheries and Ecotourism Cooperative said that the unit has invested in a system of motels, homestays and services on left island. heart, a model of community tourism combined with Bon mineral spring bathing service. Currently, these services are ready to welcome guests. Wake up potential Despite the advantages of nature and landscape, until now Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area still faces many difficulties in attracting tourists. Chairman of Quynh Nhai District People’s Committee Hoang Tien Cuong said that because it was recently put into operation, it was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, so in 2020 and 2021, this eco-tourism area will not receive the expected number of visitors. Assessing the potential of tourism exploitation in Quynh Nhai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of APT Group Nguyen Hong Dai said that Quynh Nhai eco-tourism area has a lot of potential to develop resort tourism. However, to really attract tourists going long distances to experience, Quynh Nhai needs to invest more in infrastructure, services, many attractive entertainment experiences, modern and comfortable resorts. According to Director of Tam Phuong Travel Company Le Thu Phuong, in order to develop resort advantages, Quynh Nhai district should focus on developing tourism and services in parallel with protecting the ecological environment and landscape. . Son La Tourism Association, Quynh Nhai District People’s Committee and Hanoi Tourism Association signed a contract to deploy new tourism products linking Hanoi and Quynh Nhai (Son La) in April 2021. In this regard, Chairman of Quynh Nhai District People’s Committee Hoang Tien Cuong informed that the District People’s Committee has just sent a written request to Son La Provincial People’s Committee to consider and allow enterprises to research and set up investment projects to develop tourism in the lake. hydroelectricity in the district. The scope of the proposed investment project includes an area of ​​3,000 hectares of water surface (out of a total of 10,520 hectares of water surface in Quynh Nhai district) and 500 hectares of land which is the area surrounding the lake bed, including islands and peninsulas. from Pa Ma Pha Khinh commune to Muong Chien commune. “It is expected that in the area of ​​​​Quynh Nhai hydropower reservoir, a high-class resort tourism will be developed, focusing on exploiting the typical space, long-standing cultural and historical values ​​with items such as amusement parks, resort services, film studios, hot mineral water baths … “, said Mr. Hoang Tien Cuong. The charming beauty of Quynh Nhai is currently a bright spot in the tourism development strategy of Son La province, in order to awaken the tourism potential here, besides investing in services and utilities, present Currently, Quynh Nhai district in particular and Son La province in general are implementing tourism links with other provinces and cities, including Hanoi capital to form a new tourist route to attract tourists.