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Midu has the aura of ‘weighing’ all kinds of clothes


Actress and lecturer Midu proves her charisma is always fashionable.
Midu is loved not only for her talent but also for her simplicity and sophistication in her dress.

Dang Thi My Dung, also known by her stage name Midu, is a popular actress, lecturer, and photo model of Vbiz. Belonging to the first generation of Vietnamese idol actors, Midu still proves her charm through many years of working and especially her youthful beauty that makes her fans and students flutter. Recently, Midu has just posted a picture of her drawing at home, sitting on a table with a simple gray T-shirt, but the actress still exudes a gorgeous look. It can be said that the beauties born in 1989 are the few beauties with the charisma that can handle all kinds of costumes. Midu also used to cause a fever with luxury branded items, but when she was at home or on occasions where she didn’t need to dress too much, she was associated with popular and simple clothes. This style creates intimacy and brings excitement to the viewer because she flexibly transforms in different times. Midu wears an affordable T-shirt. Midu captured the hearts of fans and students despite dressing casually at work. Floral dresses are floating and simple like many other girls. Light, muse-like dresses are her favorite items. Midu usually dresses as simple and youthful as an 18-year-old girl. When attending events or parties, Midu dresses up with a series of luxury accessories. Recently, the famous female lecturer often comes to school, so she chooses high-functioning costumes, suitable for many different situations. For example, a white shirt, wide shirt or elegant skirt with elegant tones such as pastel blue, nude, white, cream pink … Because of the dynamism in life and work, the actress’s fashion also becomes more interesting than the gentle style as before. Every day for her is a different style, although it is still minimalism, it cannot be without elegance. As a photo model, Midu has a lot of experience in mixing good costumes and making them more impressive in each situation. For example, going to school in the morning with an elegant shirt and skirt, in the afternoon, going out with friends Midu will unbutton his shirt and tie the flap to a croptop to show off his slim, youthful waist when walking on the street. . Since becoming a teacher, Midu has only applied the lightest and simplest makeup. Wide dresses in elegant colors are a top priority when going to the university lecture hall. The shirt also accompanies Midu whether going out to teach or go to work. Layered skirts or stylized shirts with beautiful accents are also a good suggestion for office ladies. The difference between Midu’s daily life and teaching and working style.