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Rosé BLACKPINK advertises YSL perfume, so excellent that netizens say ‘it smells good’


Yves Saint Laurent brand launched a series of advertising photos for the new perfume Libre Eau de Toilette through Korean VOGUE magazine. Rosé is a model for this product, her series of photos are so excellent that netizens have to say, ‘it’s luxurious and fragrant by looking’.

Although Saint Laurent has never officially announced Rosé (BLACKPINK) as its global brand ambassador, but what she is working with this brand makes everyone understand, the position of global brand ambassador. this could only have been Rosé’s. Rosé advertised for Yves Saint Laurent from fashion to beauty, she helped its sales skyrocket in spite of every pandemic. Recently, YSL continued to release pictures of Rosé advertising for its new perfume product: Libre Eau de Toilette . This is not a new fragrance line, it has been out since 2019, but only Libre Eau de Parfume . This year the new company launched Libre Eau de Toilette . On website of YSL, this is a product that is extremely loved by women and is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Libre Eau de Toilette is a delicate combination of lavender essence ( lavender ), orange blossom and white tea, for a modern, youthful and extremely seductive scent. The shape of the perfume bottle is inspired by high-end fashion catwalks, elongated with luxurious and eye-catching rose gold tones. In a series of promotional photos for this perfume, Rosé wears a fairly simple outfit and haircut, but her beauty and charisma are praised as being extremely well-suited to the elegance of the perfume bottle. Although looking at the image like that, but Libre Eau de Toilette the price is not too expensive, about 2.6 million VND for the bottle full size 90ml.