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Selling fantasy through “smell”, how do cutting-edge fragrance brands tell stories? |New Consumption Observation


Dior Fragrance’s documentary “A Journey to Seek Fragrance” recently launched, categorizes the essence of the fragrance business as “selling a fantasy.” The scent is connected with memory and culture. It symbolizes individual identity and interpersonal relationship. At the same time, it is full of unique human touch.

Picture source:”A Journey to Seek Fragrance

The fragrance track developed around the “sense of smell” includes both the beauty category perfume Products that also cover personal care Fragrance care, home fragrance And other categories.

In the past, perfume-based fragrance products were more used in social occasions, and the domestic market penetration rate was low.According to data, the global perfume consumption market reached RMB 390.6 billion in 2019, and China only accounted for 2.5% , But also showing a relatively high growth rate, with an annual growth rate of approximately 15%-20% , Showing great potential.

With the upgrading of consumption, more and more consumers have become fans of fragrance products. They are also more concerned about the products brought by fragrance products than “pleasant”. Joyful experience versus Emotional healing effect .

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According to Euromonitor’s forecast, Home aromatherapy It will become a new outlet in the field of “olfactory economy”. In the US market, the retail sales of aromatherapy products have almost caught up with the retail sales of perfumes. Market Research Future’s research report shows that North America is the largest market for scented candles, while the Asia-Pacific region has the fastest growth rate.The “2021 Women’s Quality Life Trend Insight Report” released by CBNData also shows that the consumption of online aromatherapy products has continued to rise in the past three years. Woody Is the most popular fragrance, and Fruity Has the highest consumption potential.

Source: “2021 Women’s Quality Life Trend Insight Report” As far as the brand performance of the fragrance track is concerned, in addition to Chanel, Dior And other major international cosmetics fragrance lines, and Zumalong, Ludanshi, Diptyque And other salon fragrance brands, to Bing Xili, Guanxia, ​​Smell Library The domestic fragrance brands represented by the likes have also continued to rise in the past two years. Investment and financing areas, RE perfume room, Scentooze three rabbits, Yufan, Plustwo plus two rabbits And other cutting-edge fragrance brands have also completed ten million yuan angel round or Pre-A round of financing. Focus on the “domestic products” label Interpretation of “Oriental Fragrance” Compared with international brands, domestic fragrance brands on the new consumer track will unanimously focus on “Oriental fragrance”. Oriental scents are actually divided according to the types of fragrance materials, using amber, spice, resin, musk and other fragrances; and the “oriental fragrance” we are discussing is the focus of fragrance brands in recent years. “National Tide Culture”, “Oriental Aesthetics” Personalized interpretation of unfolding. The star product of the smell library “Cool white open” The series focuses on the collective memory of the Chinese people; the Beast Youth focuses on creating an oriental fragrance exclusive to Chinese youth. “little time” The series includes mung bean paste, orange soda and other flavors that can awaken consumers’ childhood memories. Source: Scent Library, Beast Youth In addition to nostalgic retro, based on Traditional Culture and Oriental Aesthetics , There are also many malleable spaces. For example, Guanxia, ​​which focuses on oriental botanical fragrances, conveys a kind of “Oriental New Modern Aesthetics”; while Uttori Wuduoli uses oriental elements such as osmanthus, plum and orchid to interpret the national style of perfume. Source: Guanxia, ​​Wuduoli As a carrier, fragrance can carry unique cultural expression and memory. Domestic fragrance brands have a deeper insight and understanding of Chinese consumers, and only by understanding the connotation and heritage of Chinese culture can they express more accurately and uniquely through fragrance. On the other hand, contemporary young consumers no longer blindly follow the big names in Europe and the United States, but have stronger cultural self-confidence, and the recognition of domestic brands is also deepening, which also provides new opportunities for the rise of domestic fragrance brands. Mining the emotional core Tell stories with “smell” According to MoodMedia’s odor market research, humansAmong the emotions 75% It is caused by smell. The “2020 China Urban Women’s Emotion Report” released by Southern Weekend shows that about 20% of women adjust their emotions by smelling aromas (such as lighting scented candles). For example, the scent of jasmine can soothe anxiety and make people calm. The aroma is pleasant. Fragrance brands are also committed to tapping the emotional value of products to bring consumers a better experience. This kind of Mood and atmosphere creation In addition to the product itself, it also depends on the content of the brand. Scent is abstract, and what many brands do is to build a concrete picture for their products through vision and text. For example, in Guanxia’s four seasons mood aromatherapy, Fukaisen Road restores “the fragrance of white magnolia blooming along the road in the French Concession of Shanghai”, and its product copy also tells a nostalgic story about grandma and granddaughter in the old lane of Shanghai. Picture source:Guanxia For consumers, the fragrance experience also comes with it Storytelling This process may be a “decoding” of brand expression, or it may be a personal memory of oneself. Le Labo, a niche perfume brand from New York, has collected a lot of wonderful UGC on social platforms. The real experience and thoughts of these users have become the most convincing content of brand marketing. Figuresource:LeLabo Its founder Frabrice once mentioned in an interview: “Le Labo’s purpose is to make life better. It has nothing to do with perfume, it’s just as a medium . Making perfume is our way of telling stories, and we know how to impress people with perfume. ” Penetrate multiple scenarios Extend to more functional value French fashion brand Maison Margiela’s classic perfume series REPLICA, named perfumes after beach walks, playground nights, lazy Sunday mornings, jazz bars and other scenes, fascinating. Picture source:Maison Margiela Fragrance brands create scenes not only to express emotions, attitudes or to arouse consumers’ resonance, but also to invisibly expand consumers’ Product usage scenarios Imagination. Data shows that commuting and parties are the main consumption scenes of perfume. With the development of home fragrance and fragrance care, fragrance products gradually penetrate into more diversified daily life scenes, such as Watching TV shows at home, before going to bed at night and at office , Or as an ornament Home Part of the show, show the owner’s individual aesthetics, or become a part of the “emotional value” with its unique fragrance, high appearance and its accompanying “emotional value”. Give gifts s Choice. Picture source:Little Red Book In addition, around the function of “smell”, some fragrance products are gradually becoming more Functional scene extend. In 2018, the British health care product startup The Nue Co launched the world’s first functional fragrance with anti-anxiety effects. In 2019, the American fragrance brand Heretic Parfum released a relaxing and soothing functional fragrance Dirty Grass. For domestic fragrance brands, based on the daily life scenes of current consumers, provide them with a set of different fragrance products. “Smell” solution Or one of the directions for the future. Generally speaking, although the emerging domestic fragrance brands can tell brand stories and establish more in-depth communication around the needs of Chinese consumers, they are R&D and production In the process, faced with the immature domestic supply chain and the high barriers to entry for factories, the new brand still has many difficulties to overcome. Hermes exclusive perfumer Jean-Claude Elena once wrote in his book: “Once the smell merges with the mind, I become the perfumer.” Compared with other consumer categories, fragrance is undoubtedly special. , It combines rational materials and craftsmanship, as well as perceptual memories and imaginations. At the brand level, it is more about the communication of aesthetics, interest and lifestyle. In the fragrance market full of potential, we also look forward to more new consumer brands with a keen sense of smell to find their own new growth paths in this blue ocean track. moreMore about lifestyle The new consumer brand insights of the track,Stay tuned for July 6 [2021 China New Consumer Brand Growth Summit]! In addition, the summit site will also publish and interpret “2021 China’s New Consumer Brand Growth Power White Paper” , Announced the industry’s attention “2021 China’s New Consumer Brand Growth50 List” , Will also cooperate with consumer brands in various fields, Internet platforms, investment and MCN institutions, etc., to hold Food and beverage, beauty and personal care, lifestyle Three sub-forums, as well as a closed-door seminar on the theme of “organizational power growth”, jointly “see the longevity” of China’s new consumer brands! Event tickets are now on sale in limited quantities Click “Read the original text” to buy tickets! 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