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Shangjian and Chongxin guarding the Chinese food under the sun——A wonderful review of the activities of Tongan District Food Safety Promotion Week in 2021


The theme of the National Food Safety Promotion Week in 2021 is “Advocating Thrift and Trust, Protecting Chinese Food in the Sun”. In order to further implement the theme of the Food Safety Promotion Week and the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”, and to solve the difficulties of the grassroots and the worries of the masses with heart and soul, the Tongan District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau launched the 2021 Tongan District Food in the whole district Safety Publicity Week series of activities, through online and offline food safety knowledge competition activities, food safety publicity and consultation activities, food safety work results display in Tongan District, corporate representatives pledged against waste initiative, and “I am a food safety master” theme research Such series of activities vigorously promoted food safety knowledge through diversified interaction and publicity methods, and effectively raised the food safety awareness of the residents of the town.

[“I am a little master of food safety” popular science knowledge contest]
In order to implement the 2021 National Food Safety Publicity Week with the theme of “Advocating Frugality and Belief, Protecting Chinese Food in the Sun”, popularize food safety knowledge and raise the people’s food safety awareness in the district, Tong’an on the afternoon of June 6, 2021 The District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized a “I am a food safety expert” knowledge contest aimed at parent-child families.
Through the pre-collection, a total of 30 groups of parent-child families signed up and participated. The competition set up two schedules of “Who competes” and “One battle to the end”, respectively, using the form of wheel battle and rushing contest. During the competition, the young players and their parents cooperated tacitly. , Calm, clear thinking, quick response, showing a high knowledge reserve and rapid response ability.
The family teams in each group are equally matched, and the winners and losers are determined after two sets of overtime. The fierce competition temporarily pushed the atmosphere to a climax. After exciting competitions, ten groups of parent-child families including Yang Linrui, Ye Jinghuai and Zeng Zichen won the honorary title of “2021 Tongan District Food Safety Master”.

The successful holding of the competition not only widely promoted food safety-related knowledge, but also aroused public attention to food safety and nutrition, but also tested everyone’s observation, accumulation and understanding of food safety in daily life. [“Food Safety Science Popularization Knowledge Answers” Online H5 Answering Interactive Activity] As one of the series of activities of Tongan District Food Safety Publicity Week in 2021, the “Food Safety Science Popularization Knowledge Competition” activity received active participation and support from the people of the whole district during the period from June 8 to June 10. Answer H5 interactive activities are based on statistics on the number of visitors, the number of participants, the number of sharing, etc., and the total number of people covered by the promotion reaches 100,000+. Food safety is related to everyone’s health. The interactive H5 activity of “Food Safety Science Popularization Knowledge Answers” effectively mobilized people in Tong’an District to care, support and participate in food safety work, popularize scientific knowledge of food safety, and promote the public to establish healthy eating concepts. [2021 Tongan District Food Safety Week Publicity Launch Ceremony] The launching ceremony of 2021 Tongan District Food Safety Publicity Week was successfully held at 15:00 pm on June 10, 2021 (Thursday) at Tongxin Road Pedestrian Street. At the site of the event, various units in the area conducted food safety publicity and consultation activities, and food safety in Tongan District. Activities such as the display of work results, the “I am a little master” award ceremony, and the pledge of corporate representatives’ anti-waste initiative have created an urban food safety atmosphere of “thrifty and trustworthy, and Chinese food under the sun” in Tong’an District. First look back at the wonderful video moments of the launching ceremony District Food Safety Office Director, District Market Supervision Administration Director Sun Tianyi, District Food Safety Office Executive Deputy Director, District Market Supervision Administration Inspection Commissioner Xu Ziyi, District Food Safety Committee member units in charge of leaders, business representatives, volunteer representatives, food chiefs Representatives of industry associations, representatives of food delivery platforms, and I am a representative of a small food safety expert’s family, etc., attended the event. Xu Ziyi, the inspector of the Market Supervision Administration of Tongan District, said, “This year’s Food Safety Week publicity activities are more diverse and rich in content. From farmland to table, from food safety to nutrition and health, from rule of law publicity to popular science education, it has basically taken shape. Full chain, full coverage.” 1. On-site popular science activities are rich and colorful “When buying food, remember to look at the ingredient list, food additives, production date, shelf life…” “Fresh day lily, wild puffer fish, and germinated potatoes are all poisonous animals and plants and cannot be eaten…” At the event site, the staff explained with a case , Distribute brochures and other methods to popularize food safety knowledge to citizens and advocate the concept of healthy living. As soon as the citizen Chen Yuhong received the brochure, he read it together with his children: “We are dealing with food every day. Such activities are entertaining and rewarding! 2. Implement the “four strictest” to ensure the safety of the people’s tongue At the launching ceremony of the event, the Food Safety Office of Tong’an District led the District Catering Association, representatives of the food industry, and representatives of the food delivery platform to sign the “abandon waste and protect safety” food safety and anti-waste initiative commitment letter. In the future, these industry representatives will become propagandists and practitioners of food safety work, and help Tongan Food Safety work by advocating diligence and scientific consumption, guiding civilized and rational consumption, transforming business service methods, and developing environmentally friendly intensive operations. 3. The big hand in hand, the food and the safe walk together Yang Linrui, Ye Jinghuai, Zeng Zichen and other family representatives of “I am a food safety expert” showed their lives at the event. Gao Linghui, deputy director of the district government office, Sun Tianyi, director of the district food safety office (director of the marketing bureau), and executive deputy of the district food safety office Director (Inspector of the Market Bureau) Xu Ziyi and other leaders awarded them the honorary certificate of “I am a Food Safety Master”. “‘I am a food safety expert’ knowledge contest is one of the activities to carry out the promotion of food safety week, and it is also one of the innovative forms of this activity. It effectively spreads the positive energy of food safety. We will continue to expand the promotion of popular science knowledge Scope, let the seeds of food safety bloom everywhere.” said Li Wenzhong, deputy director of the Market Supervision Administration of Tongan District. The relevant person in charge of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Tong’an District said that the publicity activities are only a starting point for the food safety work of Tong’an District. Next, the district will closely integrate the “I do practical things for the masses” practical activities, continue to do a good job in food safety law enforcement, and make every effort to protect the citizens’ “safety on the tip of the tongue”, and “create a national food safety demonstration city for our city.” “Contribute more strength. [Offline research activities of “I am a little master of food safety” popular science experiment camp] In order to mobilize the whole society to care, support and participate in food safety work, and to improve the food safety awareness and self-prevention ability of the citizens and students, on the morning of June 20, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of the Market District of Tongan District organized ten groups “I am Xiaoda Food Safety “Human” parent-child families walked into the Hebo Fresh Farming Cultivation Base to conduct food safety science popularization experiments to explore dietary safety. Through the interactive form of experience and visits, we will promote food safety-related knowledge to the “Food Safety Masters”, so that the students will become participants, promoters and sharers in the field of food safety, promote the traditional virtues of diligence and thrift, and create good food Safe and co-governance atmosphere. At the site of the study activity, the instructor led the students to visit the super plant factory, and carried out such projects as vegetable pesticide residue detection experience, vegetable picking, butterfly ecological garden visit and butterfly DIY experience. Through field experience visits, professional explanations, and pesticide residue experiments And other methods, let the trainees earnestly understand the food safety knowledge and explore the fun. “Food safety experts” have said that they were deeply impressed by this event. They not only learned the correct food safety concepts and common sense, but also brought home food safety knowledge and benefited a lot. Food safety is an important matter of people’s livelihood. Since the start of the creation of a national food safety demonstration city, Tong’an District has conscientiously implemented the “four most stringent (the most stringent standards, the most stringent supervision, the most severe punishment, and the most serious accountability)” requirements, and vigorously implemented food safety Strategy to continuously improve the level of food safety governance. In the city’s assessment of district food safety work, Tongan ranked first in the city for four consecutive years. Not long ago, at the National Food Safety Work Advanced Group and Advanced Individual Commendation Video and Telephone Conference held by the Food Safety Commission of the State Council, the Market Supervision Administration of Tong’an District was awarded the “National Food Safety Work Advanced Group”. During the food safety week publicity activities, the Tong’an District Market Supervision Department also cooperated with the District Party Committee Propaganda Department, District Procuratorate, District Education Bureau, District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and town (street) governments (offices) and other members of the Food Safety Committee to carry out Food safety production enterprise training and publicity meetings, food safety party building brand promotion to the high mountains, and food safety promotion into communities and campuses, etc., are dedicated to guarding “safety on the tip of the tongue” and enhancing the happiness and security of Tong’an residents