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Strange mouth with tickle


Cuttlefish is a type of crab. It also has other names such as thunder crab, stone crab or shackles. Having such names because they live in the crevices of rocks in the sea and their legs are always crinkled. Nha Trang sea has many islands with many rocky crevices. On those offshore islands, fishermen anchor their boats, catch ticks, and have a good meal.

In the past, few people cared about these ticks. When going to the islands, entering the sea cliffs in Nha Trang, there are many. It has a brown carapace, not as shiny green as a sea crab, and its green eyes are stretched out to observe. The easiest to identify are the two very large claws, which are means of prey, and also the weapons of the ticks. Then there was a time when my friends went to the island, caught some grilled fish to play, found it delicious, so they introduced it on facebook and immediately became a “specialty”. Some restaurants in Nha Trang have menus with many different dishes: steamed, grilled, stuffed with meat, fried vermicelli… in general, as well as how to cook crabs or crabs. Have you eaten tickle meat yet? That is a difficult question because not all restaurants have exotic dishes? Besides, in addition to the two provinces of Quang Ninh and Khanh Hoa, there are ticks in very small numbers due to hunting in the islands, which are not bred. If you are eaten, you will see the difference compared to the crab. Male ticks have 2 very large females. The flesh of the cockerel is very firm, not crushed by the moon like crabs or crabs. Just eating claws or processing food with claws is enough. The ticks are very hard, so you have to use tongs or hammer to break the shell and then remove the meat. Females also have bricks like crabs, bricks are fat and fat. Because all the delicious things are concentrated in the claws, the body part is small and has little meat. The body of the tick is not beautiful white, often has a green color of sea moss, maybe it is because it eats moss on the cliff? I ate steamed zucchini. The feeling of eating that crab is very delicious and strange. KHUE VIET TRUONG