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The pink lake on the border of Russia: the “maiden lake” of 20,000 villagers, but few tourists come to it


The mysterious Altai region has a rich and charming natural ecological landscape. In recent years, thanks to improved traffic in the west, famous scenic spots such as Kanas have attracted more and more tourists. But in the entire Altai region, it is still mysterious, unknown, and closed, and few tourists enter, for example, it is located in remote areas on the borders of Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.

In the Altai region in Russia, there are two mysterious pink lakes. One is the Pink Lake in Crimea on the grassland. After the temperature rises in July each year, microorganisms in the lake multiply and the lake water turns pink overnight. It is not until the temperature drops sharply after October that the color of the lake gradually returns to Normal color. The other is the Malinov Salt Lake on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. Malinov Lake is located on the edge of the village of the same name. This is a village with a population of more than 20,000. The villagers have lived on salt production for generations. However, because they are far away from major Russian cities, this village and pink lake are rarely affected by the outside world. Known. The water color of Malinov Lake is darker than Pink Lake, and it looks more crimson like a steak. In fact, from the perspective of aerial photography, its lake shape really looks like a steak, coupled with the crimson lake color, like a piece of Wagyu beef embedded in the ground. The dark red color is related to the microorganisms in the lake. This is a kind of Serratia bacterium that lives in salt lakes. It is a pink or red microbe. Our common pink lakes are mostly caused by the presence of Serratia in the bottom of the water, except for iron. After the water temperature rises in summer, the microorganisms at the bottom of the water rapidly multiply. Looking down on the lake from a distance or from a high altitude, you can see the wonders of pink in shallow waters and crimson in deep waters. If there is such a spectacle in our country, needless to say May Day, the daily time can be in a full state, and it can become an Internet celebrity every minute. But in Russia, Malinov Lake is little known. This is not because the village does not have access to it. On the contrary, because of the existence of lake salt, the village has direct road access to the outside world, and there is a salt-pulling train built in the 18th century on the lake. The main reason is that it is very far away from Moscow and is located on the border between the two countries. According to Russia’s economic development capabilities and customs, the village has no prospect of developing tourism. In the past, there were few tourists in this beautiful pink lake. Only in summer, villagers or residents of nearby small towns occasionally go to the salt lake to bathe in the sun. Because the locals believe that the silt and salt in the salt lake have a good skin care effect. In recent years, with news media reports and tourists sharing, Malinov Lake has gradually gained a certain popularity, and the number of tourists has also increased to a certain extent. But compared with our Chaka Salt Lake, the number of tourists can basically not be mentioned. So it also attracted many Russian tourists to come to vacation. Although there are no tourists coming, there are certain living facilities on the lakeside that can meet the basic needs of tourists. Of course, if there is no self-driving Altai, there is no need to make a special trip to this magical lake. Because it is indeed very far away, but if you have the opportunity to visit, you will have the opportunity to encounter the most fascinating scenery of the “Land of Thousand Lakes” in the Altai region.