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Summer strikes, come and realize cool skin care!


Recently, after getting up in the morning and doing skin care at night before going to bed, I feel that my skin is dull and oily. After thinking about it, I may have not changed my spring skin care products to summer ones.

I sweat super easily in summer, and my skin becomes sticky and uncomfortable when I sweat. If you continue to use heavy skin care products at this time, it will really make your skin feel Alexander!
For example, the creams that are frequently used in winter must be replaced with refreshing lotions or gel-type creams in summer~
In order for mms to be able to do a good job of skin care in the hot summer, I continue to be an exquisite little fairy, and collect a lot of summer cool skin care items~
Ding Ding Ding, below, the beautiful class of the editor will officially start~

OLAY air cream (price: 260rmb) In the scorching summer, both the oily skin eyebrows and the dry skin eyebrows are very distressed, and their faces are greasy within half a day after going out. The nose, forehead, and chin are the hardest hit areas, and they always take off their makeup. OLAY air cream can solve this problem and make your summer no longer greasy! It’s the light of domestic products in the editor’s mind, and the price is very reasonable. The most important thing is that her family often has activities ~ super happy, today Amway for everyone! The most attractive part of OLAY is its texture, the translucent mousse ice cream shape, which emulsifies immediately after touching the skin, and pushes it away easily. It is absorbed in a few seconds after applying it on the face, and the taste is also good! The makeup that comes out has a feeling that makes the liquid foundation more expensive, which is awesome! The reason why the editor said it is the light of domestic products is because the air cream is really full of science and technology. It contains oil control factors and air sponge particles. The oil control effect is really great! ! After the sponge particles contact the skin, they will constantly replenish moisture to the skin. Just like a sponge, it achieves the oil control effect. You will not feel that the skin is very dry. On the contrary, you will feel that the skin is tender. It is simply black technology! At the same time, the cream also contains golden yeast, pentapeptide and niacinamide. It is a conscience formula. This configuration is no less than SK2, and it is worthy of being the son of P&G~ SUMMER (Image source Xiaohongshu @MissY and her little mini) The editor really thinks this cream is super cost-effective, so sisters rush to duck! Ke Run Moisturizing Cleansing Foam (Price: around 90 RMB) Compared with the old Internet celebrity Fu Lifangsi facial cleanser, the editor I would like to recommend today is Korun Foaming facial cleanser. This can be said to be my favorite recently. (Image source @小红书高桥童童子) Mild and weakly alkaline, it can also be used for sensitive skin. It is directly foamed when squeezed out. The foam is very delicate. It will not disappear for a long time in the hand, and it will not be slippery when used. Basically, I will use it in the morning and evening. The cleansing strength is also OK, and there is no tightness after washing. The most important thing is that the ingredients are simple but not simple. It contains ceramides, which can repair the skin, so it is especially suitable for the beautiful eyebrows who love to get acne in summer, and of course it is also sensitive skin. The gospel of my sister! SUMMER 150ml, full of foam, one bottle can be used for two months without feeling distressed. I believe that you will fall in love with it and repurchase it again. I really feel that there are no shortcomings. The outer packaging is also in a small and fresh style, and the editor has already helped everyone grow grass. That’s it, girls can rest assured to use it! Faisini Ice Film (Price: 35rmb) Under the high temperature of 3 to 40 degrees in summer, the skin is especially prone to redness and hot after sun exposure~ At this time, there is an urgent need for a cold mask to cool down! Shoo~Faceni’s Ace Ice Film has applied for the battle! This mask is specially added with mint essence. It does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, and it has a cold feeling. It is too cool to apply in summer! Its soothing effect is also very good, and it can also purify pores. After the sun is red and hot, I am not afraid of it. Apply a piece to relieve the redness and restore the white and tender fairy muscle! Matched with natural plant and organic cotton membrane cloth, the upper face is soft and docile, and it firmly carries 25g of essence, refreshing and not sticky, the first choice for summer facial masks! Its coldness comes with it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a refrigerator when you go out. It’s still refreshing when applied to your face. I will take it with you when you travel or go on business trips. It’s not too comfortable to put on your face! At the same time, it also added sodium hyaluronic acid and ceramide to moisturize and repair after sun! You should know that after the sun is particularly prone to dehydration, dry and itchy skin, you must remember to repair it after the sun, otherwise it will become black in minutes! ! The ice sheet also contains chitosan, which has natural antibacterial, hemostatic, and wound healing effects~ Babies who have not tried it should really try it. This is a rare treasure mask! It’s useless to talk about it, anyway, Faisini Ice Mask, a natal mask under hot weather, I keep stocking it in boxes in the summer, hahaha! Clinique Water Magnetic Field Explosive Pearl Essence Gel (Price: 255rmb) (Image source: Xiaohongshu@清儿) From its transparent bottle, you can see that the moisturizing essence is filled with small crystal balls. Not to mention the others, this beauty is deeply attracted to the editor! The peach-colored gel texture, mixed with small moisturizing beads, will turn into water with a light touch. It is simply not completely sticky and good absorption texture, suitable for skin that likes a refreshing touch, so it is a must in summer The essence of preparation. After use, the outer layer of the skin will form a smooth film to prevent water loss. The same applies to the skin around the eyes! There are not only powerful moisturizing factors such as hyaluronic acid, but also a variety of antioxidant ingredients! Don’t forget to resist the early age when hydrating! ![Takeasmallnotebookandwriteitdown!!】 (Image source: Xiaohongshu@清儿) This product uses a pressing mouth design. When using it, you can press 1-2 times to meet the moisture maintenance needs of different skins~ This is also one of the reasons why I love it. Some essences are designed with droppers. It is not hygienic. The pressing design is not only hygienic, but the amount can be well controlled, which is very convenient! (Image source: Xiaohongshu@清儿) Wow, after recommending skin care products to every girl, now it’s time for the editor’s welfare~ Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Cooling Spray Spray a few times on the clothes 5-10min before going out, the cooling sensation can last for 1-2 hours, especially when traveling or in the heat, it is very easy to use, after spraying, you will find that you want a mint to walk. , The price of 58 yuan is even more close to the people, most people do not tell her, so the little fairies who have been paying attention to the editor are blessed. You can arrange it. As long as a small area is sprayed a few times, it is easy to use and it is almost summer. A must-have! (Image source [email protected]酱) In the summer, the skin is prone to oily and sweating. Coupled with the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun, or eating hot pot barbecue and other irritating foods, some skin problems such as acne are easy to follow. Therefore, it is very important to have good skin care habits and use skin care products suitable for summer. It’s said that summer is the most difficult season to buy skin care products. Did this Amway hit your heart today? Click “Looking at” at the bottom right and share it with your little sisters~