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Suzy is criticized for wearing a Haute Couture dress, but a normal Dior dress is being praised


Why can’t other people wear Haute Couture clothes once, Suzy both times wearing high-end Dior designer clothes are criticized for not being suitable?

Remember at the 2020 Baeksang Awards, Suzy made everyone admire when she became the first Korean female artist to wear Dior’s Haute Couture dress on the red carpet at a domestic event. However, netizens think that looking at Suzy wearing this dress is not as elegant and gentle as the model. Coming to Baeksang recently, Suzy continued to choose another Haute Couture design by Dior, different in style and color. And once again, Knet criticized this model for making Suzy look chubby than usual, not respecting her figure. Despite failing with both Haute Couture designs, Suzy has received a lot of compliments when wearing dresses in Dior’s usual collection. Like this light and graceful blue dress that helped Suzy be praised as beautiful as a goddess. Suzy has a classic beauty that will shine with simple yet elegant designs. This black dress doesn’t look too special, but when Suzy wears it, it’s very eye-catching, the black color contrasts with Suzy’s white skin, so it stands out even more. Just a set of clothes to wear to the airport, but Suzy is also luxurious like a lady. Netizens All advised Suzy to pursue an elegant and classic style of dress like this. Another design that turns Suzy into an elegant Dior lady. Suzy’s beauty is already very bright, so there is no need to add fancy jewelry or hairdo. Suzy is very suitable for waist designs to show off her soft S-curve, like this set thanks to the large belt, Suzy looks more neat and elegant. When Suzy appeared at a fashion event in Paris with this soft dress, netizens did not stop praising the beauty of the “national first love”. This design is really for girls with a bit of skin, but skinny people will be thinner when wearing it. Suzy has a healthy, well-proportioned body, so she looks very sweet. The color of this dress is not appreciated because it is too boring and cold. Fortunately, Suzy’s pretty face and radiant spirit have helped Dior’s design look more beautiful. This glittering star-studded Dior dress became so popular after Suzy wore it at an awards ceremony. It’s hard to find someone who matches this classic design better than Suzy.