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The 1.58 m tall girl became a famous lingerie model


Despite her modest height, Zhang Anna still became a famous model on social networks. She often cleverly chooses the right outfit and angle to change her figure.

Zhang Anna (nickname JO Anna) is a model in Taiwan (China). She attracts more than 200,000 followers thanks to her beautiful appearance, sexy and hot style. Anna mainly models for lingerie and bikini brands. Looking at the picture she shared on her personal page, many people guessed that she has outstanding height. However, in fact the girl from Taipei has a modest height of 1.58 m. The standard body proportions, attractive curves and the right angle selection helped her “cheat” her measurements successfully. Although she does not have the outstanding height like many other long legs in the model village, Anna receives many compliments thanks to her sweet beauty, attractive charisma and professional working style. She pursues a sexy style and is not afraid to show off her figure in bold cut designs. With a large number of followers, the Taiwanese model also has a good income from advertising posts on her personal page. Anna is the face of a number of cosmetic and beauty food brands. Not only posting pictures about work, Anna also shares about daily life. She confided that due to her busy schedule, she had little time to spend with friends or love affairs. Anna especially loves traveling and discovering new places. She often checks-in at luxury resorts. However, a serious outbreak of the disease for a long time has caused her to postpone many plans. To maintain a standard figure, Anna actively practices sports. She often combines running, exercising outdoors with exercises in the gym. She also pays attention to a healthy diet and positive thinking for better weight control.