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The first Thai beauty dressed up in the epidemic season: The clothes are also branded, every outfit is cool


Not out on the street, the beauty of the leaf – Baifern Pimchanok still wears a luxurious and trendy home style that attracts the eye.

As one of the famous actresses with the most beautiful beauty in the land of the Golden Temple, Baifern Pimchanok is also a familiar face to Vietnamese fans. Especially since the movie Friendzone and The Rolling Leaf, her name has always been on social media. It is worth noting that besides the beauty of a sharp, harmonious face or hot body, Thai stars rarely disappoint people in dressing up. Strolling at the red carpet or events, Baifern always attracts all eyes with gorgeous and outstanding outfits showing off the full beauty of the goddess. And in the moment of street style, the dress gout of the beauty of the movie The Rolled Leaf is also worthy for the sisters to learn because every outfit is elegant, youthful and trendy. Not stopping there, this U30 girl’s way of “dressing up” at home during Thailand’s social distancing days also made people “take their hat off”. Because even when wearing the simplest outfits, Baifern still knows how to make the opponent swoon. Not “dressing up” on the street, Baifern is rocking with all kinds of home fashion. Sometimes simple, sometimes charming and sometimes stylish. Choosing a basic set with long pants, an eye-catching purple-yellow tanktop, Baifern’s image at home makes everyone excited because it’s friendly and simple, unlike a top Thai star. A while ago, she was also praised for turning popular pajamas into surprisingly luxurious and trendy. Although the pink color when combined with the polka dot pattern is easy to bring a cheesy feeling, for Baifern, this does not make it difficult for her. “Tai So Thi” adds tips to dress up at home so that it is pleasing to the eye but still ensures the comfort criteria to “dance” at home like the goddess of Thailand, the sisters will definitely make the days at home not messy, sloppy and bored. 1. Cool, stylish home wear from style If the clothes going to the street or going to the event are always sophisticated, Baifern at home prefers to make friends with more basic items. The requisition of basic items but still possessing certain gaps is also a way to “fly away” the feeling of heat as well as increase the charm. Crop tops, T-shirts, shorts are basic items that any woman has in her closet. These are also items that are easy to mix & match to create eye-catching mixes. If you want to be more stylish as well as free your body from tight pants and tops, loose skirts are also super suitable suggestions for this season. With Baifern, she chose a two-piece mini skirt with a cool blue color, combined with a hair clip to look more prominent and beautiful. At one point, the beauty of the film The Flying Leaf also “cut the hearts” of people with her slim figure in a cut silk dress. This is also one of the home wear items that are very popular with U30 and U40 sisters. 2. Dresses to wear at home are cool and soft from fabric Wanting to cool down on hot summer days when staying at home, Baifern is also clever in choosing fabrics. No matter how beautiful the outfit is, the hard, non-absorbent fabric… it’s easy to leave an “obsession” for any girl. Wearing high-rise pajamas, but thanks to the cool silk and lace fabric, Baifern can roam all day without feeling frustrated. In addition, linen is also an ideal choice for the actress’s home outfit in the hot summer. This is a friendly material that can withstand moisture without feeling wet, is the preferred fabric. Wearing a dress with a rather discreet design, but thanks to the cotton fabric, the 8X girl does not worry about secretive sweat. Cotton fabric is also very soft and less wrinkled, helping all women to work comfortably. Finally, the most popular material in home wear is linen. Although this fabric is easy to wrinkle, the biggest advantage is that it is friendly to all skin types, and at the same time gives the wearer a more luxurious and fashionable aura. That’s why, despite wearing a set of dark tones, Baifern still looks modern and stylish. 3. Cool and fresh home clothes from colors and textures Want to make the atmosphere at home more lively and less gloomy, the application of bright colors is also a good suggestion. Just look at how Baifern “dresses up”, you will see that she always uses bright and radiant outfits. Wearing “this pants, that shirt” but Thai beauties still exude fashion and admirable youthfulness. That’s because she used a flattering color scheme with orange – yellow colors as well as choosing a very harmonious outfit combo. Dressed in elegant floral dresses with vibrant and striking colors, the women’s appearance not only adds to the femininity but is also extremely youthful. Shop for yourself a combo of a floral-patterned dress with matching sandals and hats like the goddess of Thailand, you can wear it at home and go to the supermarket without fear of being criticized for being messy and sloppy.