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What to do on Dragon Boat Festival to have good luck for the whole year?


Doan Ngo Tet 5/5 lunar calendar, also known as Tet killing insects – one of the traditional holidays of the Vietnamese nation. On this day, everyone performs the necessary rituals to bring good luck for the whole year.
Feng shui expert Song Ha said that in Vietnam, Tet Doan Ngo is also known by folk as a more rustic name than Tet to kill insects. This is one of the traditional holidays with rich cultural connotations.

Every year, on the 5th of May (lunar calendar), our people celebrate the Lunar New Year. Tet Doan Ngo is also known as Tet Doan Duong. Doan Ngo means the beginning of midday (Doan: Opening, Ngo: Midday) and yang means the sun, is yang, and Doan yang means starting when yang is flourishing. Not only in Vietnam or China, but also in many Asian countries, there is also the Dragon Boat Festival. Illustration Therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival is actually an Asian New Year custom associated with the concept of the circulation of the weather in the year. On this occasion, in addition to traditional customs, feng shui expert Song Ha advises us to do the following things for good luck all year. Perform insect killing rites The ancients believed that: In the human body, especially the digestive system, there are often hidden insects that live, if not eradicated, the insects will multiply and cause harm to humans. These insects only appear on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, so they have to do an insecticidal ceremony on this day. According to the traditional concept, it is possible to kill insects by eating food, fruits, and sticky rice wine on May 5. Northerners usually kill insects as soon as they wake up in the morning and kill them with food. especially with sticky rice wine, ash cake and fruit… Illustration. For children: Wake up early in the morning while the child is still in bed, feed them fruit, some sticky rice wine, boiled eggs, apply persimmon to the fontanelle, chest, and navel to kill insects. After that, I went to wash my face, hands and feet, brush my teeth and wash my face. For adults: When you wake up in the morning, don’t put your feet on the ground, but rinse your mouth 3 times to get rid of bugs, then eat a boiled duck egg. Then get out of bed and drink some wine (or eat a bowl of sticky rice wine) to get the bugs drunk, then eat fruit for the bugs to die. Carrying out the ritual of worshiping the Dragon Boat Festival The tray of worshiping ancestors on Doan Ngo New Year includes: Incense, flowers, votive paper – Water – Glutinous wine – Fruits: Plums, sapodilla, watermelon, litchi, bananas – Conditional add Banh gio (banh gio) and lotus seed tea is fuller. The ancients used to worship early in the morning, but in fact, the Dragon Boat Festival was conducted at the main time of the Horse (noon 12 noon) on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. Because, Doan means opening, Horse is the period from 11 am to 13 pm. Illustration. Bath with leaf water from nature Usually, on the 5th of May, after eating rice wine to kill insects, people will bathe with water to boil coriander leaves, perilla leaves, marjoram, lemongrass leaves, bamboo leaves… The ancients said that: Bathing in smelly leaves makes people sweat, having a pleasant, fragrant feeling that makes people excited. This way of bathing can treat colds because coriander leaves are a male medicine. Praying on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival Van Phap Quy Tong of Dao Gia in the time of the Rat – At the hour of the Rat (from 23 pm on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar), on the 5th of May. According to feng shui expert Nguyen Song Ha, according to ancient books – especially the magic book Van Phap Quy Tong of Daoists, there is a special method of praying for self used on this day. Illustration. Hanging cactus branches on the door Doan Ngo is the most prosperous time of yang energy, if you want your home to receive the most prosperity, you can hang a handful of wormwood or a branch of cactus on the door, these two plants will have the effect of exorcism give up all evil spirits. The best solution is to repair and clean the house a little bit. Should wash hair, steam fragrant leaves Against the sweltering heat of noon (summer day), old and young people often boil leaves such as pomelo, coriander, perilla, marjoram, lemongrass, bamboo… to bathe and prevent colds. In particular, women also wash their hair, wishing to have long, smooth, black hair. This is an ancient method of healing, helping the body to detoxify, relax the spirit, and euphoria. Illustration. Back to life Doan Ngo is also an appropriate time for you to do good deeds such as freeing animals. This can be for oneself or for a family member, cultivating virtue, promoting goodwill, releasing life is the most effective method of eliminating sorrow and suffering. Carry a handful of incense (incense) with you Bring a little frankincense with you during the Lunar New Year. The materials to make incense will be a safe protection for the body, both preventing disease and having an exorcism effect. Illustration. Don’t go to places with a lot of yin During the Lunar New Year, it is best not to go to places with a lot of yin such as hospitals, cemeteries, ponds, and dark places to avoid being affected by negative energy.