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The fact that Korean abalone is ‘as cheap as giving’ is sold in the online market


Cheap Korean abalone is only a few hundred thousand dong/kg for sale in the online market, which is said to be frozen or smuggled goods from China.

Abalone is considered a high-class seafood for the elite because each pound of abalone costs millions or even tens of millions of dong/kg. However, recently, Korean abalone is being sold at “cheap as vegetables”. Specifically, frozen abalone size 12-15 fish/kg owner price from 199,000 VND/kg. Besides frozen abalone, fresh Korean abalone is also for sale at only 25,000 VND/head for 17-18 fish/kg. However, at seafood stores, the price of Korean abalone is still over 1 million VND/kg. Sharing on Dan Viet, Mr. Tran Van Truong, Director of Royal Seafood Company, said that Korean abalone in Vietnam is mostly fresh and has a retail price of 1.1-1.6 million VND/. kg. Mr. Truong affirmed that abalone that many online stores sell for cheap, only a few hundred thousand / kg, is frozen or smuggled from China. This type is raised by China with industrial feed and has not been allowed to import live to Vietnam. According to Mr. Truong, fresh abalone can only be imported from Australia and South Korea. Therefore, in order not to buy abalone of poor quality branded in Korea, consumers should choose to buy abalone from reputable and alive addresses. Image source: Facebook. Video: The truth about cheap Korean abalone. Source: LONG AN TV