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The 9x girl attracts fans with beauty clips and is praised as beautiful as an actress


Beautiful, dynamic and earning a decent income, An An Queena is the role model many young girls dream of.

An An Queena is currently one of the famous beauty bloggers on social networks in Taiwan. She has a fresh beauty with lovely lines: high nose bridge, white skin, V-line face… On her personal YouTube page with 148,000 followers, the girl born in 1995 regularly posts clips sharing about her daily life, makeup, hairdo… attracting hundreds of thousands of views. An An has a tall, slim figure, youthful and dynamic fashion sense. In order to keep a slim waist, An An is very passionate about sports and fitness, the young girl regularly exercises in the gym, yoga… Hot girl 9x is loved by her youthful style, positive images on social networks, as well as her close talk on YouTube clips… With her main job as a beauty blogger, An An currently earns a significant income from online posts, through which she introduces new lipstick colors, powders and lotions, quick eye makeup… She is praised by many fans for being as beautiful as Korean actress Go Ara An An loves animals and has a hobby of traveling. She is not afraid to show off her bare face with smooth, bright skin An An now has a boyfriend who is a rich kid famous for young people. He often posts pictures of brands, supercars, watches, luxury toys or limited edition shoes on his personal page.