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6 tips to choose the right size of clothes without trying


You should know the following to make shopping for clothes online easy.

1. Know your body size: You should measure your body dimensions and record them on your phone. This makes it easier to shop for clothes online. For each country, the body measurements corresponding to the clothes will be different. Ideally, you should measure the circumference of 3 busts, waist and hips regularly to avoid buying clothes that are too wide or tight. Image: Femnastic. 2. Notes on clothing sizes from brands purchased: When choosing to buy clothes online, you should remember that each manufacturer has its own convention on product sizes. If you have a favorite brand and shop there often, keep in mind their size chart to save time. Image: MyBeautyGym. 3. Bring a ruler: For clothing stores that do not have a fitting room, you should bring a measuring tape. If you like the shirt longer than the back, try the product on or use a measuring tape. Besides, for tight-fitting clothes, you need to accurately measure the circumference of 3 body circumferences. Image: Medium. 4. Measure the width of the pants by wrapping around the neck: To choose the right size, hold your jeans at the ends of your waist and wrap it around your neck. If the ends easily touch each other, that’s the right size for you. Note that the two ends of the belt don’t necessarily meet exactly, but they should easily wrap around your neck. In addition, weight can change over time, so if you have a body type that is easy to gain weight, you should choose a size that ranges from 3-5 cm. Image: Caak. 5. Wet clothes in front of the mirror: This is the easiest way for you to determine if the length of an outfit is right for you. If you like to wear loose, comfortable styles, tailor the flaps of your shirt or skirt to match your outfit. The width of the garment will fit your body when the hem of your shirt matches the shirt you are wearing. Image: Glorynote. 6. Choose stretchy material: Shopping for clothes but not trying them on makes it difficult for some people who are prone to gaining weight. Therefore, you should choose stretchy materials with adjustable details to overcome the situation that the clothes do not fit the body. Image: Daily Star.