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Extreme experience for adventurers: Swimming in the jellyfish lake that existed since the ice age


The feeling of colliding with thousands of soft creatures in the lake makes many visitors feel excited.
Palau is a small island nation, consisting of nearly 250 large and small islands with an area of ​​466 square kilometers. Among these is a small island called Eil Mul. Because it is located in the middle of a cluster of famous tourist islands such as Fiji, Bora Bora or Cook Island, most people often ignore this place. Because of that, Eil Mul becomes great for those who want to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing vacation on a beautiful tropical island that is also absolutely peaceful.

(Photo: iExplore) Not only beautiful and peaceful, this island also owns a mysterious lake called Jellyfish Lake – Jellyfish Lake. Until now, science has not been able to explain why there are millions of jellyfish living here. (Photo: Flick) Jellyfish Lake is up to 12,000 years old, and probably has existed since the ice age. About 12,000 years ago, when sea levels were at their peak, seawater flooded the area and filled the lowlands to form present-day Jellyfish Lake. Until the glaciers recede, the jellyfish and fishes have no place to live, they just freely grow in the lake, eat all the algae and gradually develop into unique jellyfish species, creating unique species of jellyfish. so the ecosystem is very diverse. (Photo: ABC News) (Photo: The Travel) There are only 2 types of jellyfish living here: golden jellyfish (scientific name is Mastigias papua) and moon jellyfish (lunar jellyfish – scientific name is Aurelia), the most crowded is the yellow jellyfish. They need sunlight to grow and survive, so they will move from east to west in the direction of sunrise and sunset. Until dark, they will dive deep to the bottom of the lake to rest, and so on this cycle repeats throughout the jellyfish’s life. (Photo: iExplore) To get to Jellyfish Lake, from the pier, visitors will have to cross a rather long slope. Right at the right time to stop to rest, the dark blue Jellyfish Lake also appeared in front of everyone. To observe jellyfish in the lake, visitors are only allowed to swim, snorkel and mask. Everyone has a strange feeling when swimming and interacting with countless jellyfish around: It’s quite ticklish, but it’s also very enjoyable. (Photo: Lonely Planet) (Photo: Reddit) (Photo: Viator) Although both species of jellyfish have stinging cells, they are generally not strong enough to cause injury to humans, so swimming in the lake is safe. This is not a big obstacle for adventurous travelers. Because the opportunity to swim in a space filled with golden jellyfish like this is something in life that not everyone can enjoy. Therefore, despite having to pay a lot of money, but every visitor coming here is very eager to experience swimming with these special lovely jellyfish.