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The apartment is in dark colors, looking very cool of a young man


The guy’s 60m2 apartment in Ho Chi Minh City is designed by the architect combining two styles of Loft and Retro with dark colors but not murky, on the contrary, it also exudes extreme personality.
Nowadays, many people when designing apartments want to feel comfortable and relieved every time they step foot in. Normally, they will choose some soft, neutral colors.

However, besides the above criteria, the young man in Ho Chi Minh City also wants to show his personality, interests and taste. Before these requirements, architect Tong Ly harmoniously combined the elements, bringing dark tones into the 2-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​​​64m2. The door next to the kitchen, right there is a shoe cabinet. Materials from moisture-resistant industrial wood, imitation wood grain paint. The island combines the dining table, convenient for food processing. The architect has chosen a dark color palette to express the personality, lifestyle and preferences of the owner – who wants to live in the midst of an artist, contemporary and improvised space. She chooses 2 styles, Loft and Retro, to coordinate and give the finished drawing. Loft style interior design originated in New York (USA) in the early years of the twentieth century. This is an architectural style that has many similarities with the Industrial style. People take advantage of the factory areas as a place to stop, rest and live. Interior design in Loft style is a combination of old and new properties. The outstanding feature of this style is the use of modern materials such as metal, combined with familiar interior items (storage chests, old leather sofas, …). These two materials represent modern beauty and old nostalgia blending together to create a special feature for your home. Meanwhile, Retro style is a famous design style from the 50s of the last century, mainly taking the principles of classical style but with strong innovation to bring a unique feature. The combination of 2 styles Loft and Retro has brought perfect beauty to the apartment. Loft’s break, strong, rough is reduced by the soft, romantic look of Retro. The white painted surface on the wall like the current state of the investor is retained quite a bit, in return for the gray spaces appearing on the wall – ceiling of the space, creating depth and expanding the apartment area in terms of feeling. sense. The earthy red tone creates a rustic effect, preferably used for the curved wall behind the sofa and extends to the end of the hallway but is still uniform in darkness. The owner is quite daring when he agrees to put on the apartment a layer of material that is quite heavy but still retains the necessary softness of the living space. That is reflected in the details of the ceiling and curved walls. Some details show the delicate taste of the owner. Architects use imitation cement wall paint as a highlight. This paint color has been popular for the past 2 years. Because it brings a close beauty, rustic but modern. Long, rounded glass windows help the bedroom get more light, while creating blocks on a red painted background to help the living room not be boring. The corners are arranged with drawers and drawers, helping to make the bedroom less detailed and uncluttered. In the master bedroom, the architect cleverly used the push door as a door between the bed area and the wardrobe area, saving space. Wall mounted red brick, iron night light painted black bold Loft. Bookshelves, desks, and shelves are all wooden with black painted iron legs. The smooth combination of 2 styles has put on the apartment an irresistible beauty, making everyone admire.