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The beauty of BLACKPINK continues to dress Cong Tri in the new MV


After Cong Tri’s beautiful gown in the first solo MV, Rosé continued to choose the splendid Vietnamese designer dress for the newly released MV ‘Gone’.

Rosé wore a brilliant dress of Cong Tri in the MV “ Gone ” that was just released. At 0 o’clock on April 5 (local time), Rosé “ released the chain ” for the second solo MV with the title ” Gone, ” by the girl herself. Before that, this song conquered fans with melodies and melodies. By the time the MV was released, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK continued to “ steal ” fans’ hearts with extremely satisfying visuals. One of the designs that highlight the beauty, temperament and charisma of Rosé in this MV is the wonderful dress from Cong Tri. The outfit “ made in Vietnam, ” covered with rainbow colors, is favored by the BLACKPINK rose in impressive frames. Wearing the design of a Vietnamese fashion designer, Rosé not only shows off her charming shoulders but also exudes a sense of arrogance and strong charm. The dress is alternating with bright colors such as red, green and yellow, both fluttering, liberal, and bringing a fragile and romantic look to the 24-year-old vocalist. The cropping design, asymmetric flap, not only helps Rosé to honor her ideal body, but also emphasizes the charisma of thousands of people who love it. The goddess-like temperament of a rose born in 1997 makes fans “ melt ”. Choosing delicate outfits is also one of the factors that make the scene full of art. Multi-colored dress that group members BLACKPINK The choice in this MV belongs to Cong Tri’s Spring Summer 2020 collection. This isn’t Rosé’s first time outfit Designer Cong Tri . Before that, in the MV ” On the Ground, ” She used to use a swimsuit model combining a Vietnamese fashion house. Both designs that Rosé wore are from the collection “ Pick up the tilted dew, ” introduced by Cong Tri at New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020. The model of Rosé dress was in the MV “ Gone ”, which belonged to the collection of “ Gathering the inclined dewdrops ” by Cong Tri. This design was performed by supermodel Elsa Hosk on the catwalk, in the framework of New York Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2020 fashion season. Before being favored by the YG’s vocalist, Cong Tri’s rainbow-colored outfits used to help many Vietnamese beauties have sublimation moments. Thanh Hang and Chau Bui are two of them. Before Rosé, these were also the first beauties to have the opportunity to show off this work as soon as it was released./. Thanh Hang is one of the first Vietnamese stars to wear a spring dress inspired by Cong Tri. Supermodel chooses high heels with matching color tones, showing off the advantage of long legs. Thanks to this brilliant design, Thanh Hang became the focal point when appearing on the red carpet of the final Miss Universe Vietnam 2019. Chau Bui also had a moment of sublimation when wearing a dress designed by Cong Tri, attending the exhibition “ The Department of Silence ” of the famous fashion house at the end of December 2019. The fashionista combined a dress with Gucci’s high heels, “ cheating ” her height skillfully. The fashion lady is also “ adventurous ” with the asymmetrical dress in the middle of the exhibition space, making fashion followers ” fall in love ”. Although not possessing a height advantage like Thanh Hang or Rosé, Chau Bui still scores thanks to her self-confidence when wearing the same dress as the beauties.