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The characteristic industry in Gaoping, Sichuan, won the Gold Award at the World Exposition, and it is said that silk originated here


If you want to choose an item that can represent China, I think that besides porcelain, silk is also one of them. Not only is it a special product of our country since ancient times, it has left the allusion of “Lei ancestor silkworm” as early as ancient times. It also opened up the first large-scale commercial exchange between the East and the West in the history of the world, which is also known as the “Silk Road”. China’s high-quality silk is continuously shipped abroad in batches. Therefore, our country is also known as the “Silk Road”. Country”, so where did silk originate? It is said to be in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. In Nanchong, the history of silk production has been recorded for more than 3,000 years. The reputation of “Bashu cultural resort, the famous state of silk brocade in Qin and Han Dynasties” has a long history. Nanchong is still producing silk today, and the most special one is Liuhe silk. What are the characteristics of Liuhe Silk? It is the only state-owned large-scale silk production enterprise with a century-old history in China. It was established as early as 1912. Its predecessor was the Guoshan Silkworm Leaf Society. Three years after its establishment, it won the Gold Medal of the Panama World Expo for its Golden Deer brand raw silk. Since then, it has become famous overseas, and now you can see this “golden sign” when you walk into the Liuhe Silk Factory in Gaoping District. It is precisely because of the long history of Liuhe Silk Factory that it can be said to carry the memories of generations of people in Nanchong, especially in the previous era when the average salary was not high. It was a particularly glorious thing to enter the factory to support a family, and Liuhe Silk However, the factory was able to break through the 100 million yuan mark in 1990. This production scale was definitely the largest in China at the time, or even the largest in Asia. Therefore, there is a nursery rhyme circulating in the local area: “Yaomei Yaomei, hurry up. When he grows up, he enters the second silk factory. The salary of Ba Shi is high, and the officers and cadres are randomly selected. Now when I walk into the Liuhe Silk Factory, although the scale is not as prosperous as before, there is a different kind of nostalgia. After all, this is the first time I walked into the silk factory, and there is still a strong sense of freshness. Basically, machines work automatically in silk factories, and many workers are busy with manual relief. The creaking machine sounds make people feel like they have returned to the previous era. However, it is said that the “silk man” next to the machine has been replaced for six generations. Even the silk machine was completely replaced in 2014. In the factory, you can see the silk production process and feel the semi-finished products of silk at close range. The silk used to be silk, but now silk is a compound word. In addition to silk, it also includes synthetic fibers and man-made fibers. It is a general term for purely woven or interwoven fabrics such as rayon, short silk, but the silk that has been circulating for thousands of years is naturally the best. It is definitely unmatched by other man-made materials, and it is particularly comfortable to touch. It is worth mentioning that there is also a small train that can be visited in the factory area. You can go from the factory area to the capital of the capital. Take the small train to shuttle around the factory area, and you can feel the history and vicissitudes of the factory area, and after passing through the factory area It is a residential courtyard in northern Sichuan, and there are many people living here. There are also many elderly people who set up stalls and sell them. They are very pyrotechnic. There is also a mulberry garden nearly 1 kilometer long, which is particularly beautiful. The terminal is the Jialing River, which is wide and wide. The river slowly flows by, which also makes people dream about it. There is only one railway. In fact, I have been curious about how the train turns around. In fact, after arriving at the terminal, I need to manually push the locomotive to turn around, and then go to the other side to pull the body back. I have never seen this way of turning around. I find it very interesting. In addition to being able to understand and understand silk and get close contact with the silk processing process, the finished silk products can also be purchased directly in the factory. There are many different styles of silk scarves that mothers love. In April 2005, Nanchong was awarded the title of “China Silk City” by the China Silk Association for silk. On March 13, 2012, it was approved by the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to implement the protection of geographical indication products. In 16 years, it was again in the China Silk Association. Awarded the title of “Silk Origin”, all of which explain the high quality of Nanchong silk. Friends who like it may wish to buy some and feel the charm of the thousand-year-old traditional culture. The picture/text is original by Xia Xia Xia, the travel madman, unauthorized reprinting is prohibited About the author: I have traveled to 500+ cities around the world, and studied abroad at Oxford University in the UK and Waseda University in Japan, as well as an international volunteer in Sri Lanka. Welcome to continue to pay attention and share with you the food, drink and fun of the world. If you like, remember to like to comment. Or share!