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Chinese brands play refitting, but they also look different


More than a decade ago, when it came to the design and modification of Chinese car brands, consumers generally shook their heads and expressed their disapproval. At that time, most Chinese car brands in the concept car stage were “unexpected creations” of fresh graduates of the School of Design; when they were actually implemented in the mass production stage, they became sparse and ordinary, even the mediocrity of foreign cars. For. In the field of modification, most of them are based on the style of cheap auto parts city, and various brands simply can’t care about launching their own modified cars. It is undeniable that the conservative style does not make car companies make mistakes, but it also limits the development of Chinese car culture. Fortunately, with the rise of Chinese brands in the last 10 years, more and more car companies have made achievements in styling design and model modification that can convey the brand spirit and directly please consumers. Especially after the release of UNI-T, the first model of Changan’s high-end product series UNI Gravity last year, it pushed the design of Chinese brands to a new level. When I first saw the UNI-T, countless people would think it was a car model driven out of a science fiction movie. The futuristic styling and proportions, coupled with the rich and bold body colors, make the viewers can’t help but sigh: Now our Chinese brand has finally made a qualitative leap in design! After the double harvest of word of mouth and sales, Changan pursued the victory and released a sports version of UNI-T on April 6, which allowed countless car fans to see the modification potential of UNI-T! Today, we will take the opportunity of the release of the UNI-T sports model to talk about this new work that makes Changan stand at the pinnacle of domestic brand design! The newly released UNI-T sports model is based on the UNI-T’s original trendy and fluid appearance, with a more sporty sports package and contrast color matching. The front bumper and side skirts are embellished with bright yellow contrast color. The sports model has an exclusive tide blue color scheme, and the smooth lines of UNI-T seem to be surging waves. It has to be said that under the embellishment of the tide blue body and bright yellow lines, the UNI-T sports model will carry forward the original dynamic design even more, with a sense of hierarchy under the light and shadow. The rear of the sports model is also eye-catching. On the top of the roof, a larger carbon fiber texture spoiler is added on the basis of the original V-shaped tail. With the embellishment of the jet port of an airplane, it looks like the tail of a fighter jet. Domineering! The lower enclosure has also become a blackened design, supplemented by bright yellow lines embellishment, creating a stronger low lying and fighting atmosphere. The official sports model designed by the official end of the game allows more consumers to see the unlimited potential of UNI-T in terms of shape modification. I believe that as the number of vehicles continues to increase, more UNIs will appear on the road in the future. -T modified models. In addition to the fashionable appearance design, UNI-T is also very bold in the color matching of the body! Bright sky blue with bright yellow embellishments, the color scheme often used by luxury brands, is better presented on UNI-T. The overall performance is stylish and dynamic, exuding full vitality and Athletic breath. Of course, since it’s called a sports model, it’s far from enough to sport a package, and there must be an upgrade in sports performance. The UNI-T sports model uses four Continental MC6 high-performance sports tires of 245/45 R20 specifications, and is paired with front dual-piston calipers to provide the vehicle with excellent grip and braking capabilities. This is also in line with the positioning of its sports version, even if it is a bit more intense driving, it can be completely held. In addition, the sports version of the model also provides a catapult start function, which allows the vehicle to obtain a stronger power output when it starts accelerating. You know, for the models with dual-clutch gearboxes, the catapult start is not common, and it has only appeared on high-end sports cars such as Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R! At the beginning, we said that UNI-T belongs to the high-end product sequence of Changan UNI “Gravity”. Therefore, in addition to the outstanding appearance design, the interior should also be worthy of high-end. The newly launched sports model, based on the already luxurious interior design, is a step towards fashion and sports. The overall color scheme is based on dark colors, and the bright yellow contrast color design is used in the steering wheel stitching, the center console air conditioning outlet, and the handlebar area to make the car look more lively and well highlight the youth and sportiness of the vehicle. , Positioning of the trend. The grip area of ​​the steering wheel is added with suede tactile material, which can provide better friction and ensure precise control during intense driving. The seats of the sports model also use a lot of suede tactile materials, which have stronger friction. The seats are also decorated with bright yellow stitching, edging and decorative panels, plus the yellow seat belts of the same model as the racing car, creating a strong sports atmosphere, as if you are really in a high-performance racing car! I have to say that the UNI-T sports model is definitely in the arms of young people at the moment. Who does not like such a trendy and cool sports coupe SUV? In terms of power, the UNI-T is equipped with Changan’s latest Blue Whale NE series 1.5T engine, with a maximum power of 180 horsepower and a maximum torque of 300 N·m. The engine that matches this engine is the 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission of the Chang’an Blue Whale series. The transmission efficiency is as high as 94.3%, and the shift speed is faster than traditional AT gearboxes. Since its release, Changan UNI-T has gained wide attention and recognition with its advanced appearance design, rich configuration, and reasonable pricing. In the past 9 months since its official launch, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 100,000 units. Positioning a young, individual, and trendy crossover SUV is a very good result. The reason is that the current auto consumer group has become younger, and the post-90s and post-00s are becoming the main people in auto consumption. For these young people in their 20s, UNI-T’s fashionable and cool product concept will make them have a strong sense of identity and completely get this unique value. More importantly, the UNI-T sports model also allows fans to see the modification genes of this car. On the basis of its already excellent sports design, it can also carry out more personalized, sportier and bolder modifications. . There is no doubt that the UNI-T sports model will further enhance the position of UNI-T in the hearts of young users, and I believe it will also make Changan Automobile a synonym for young and trendy Chinese brands.