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The Chinese model is passionate about tattooing


Lovers commenting on tattoos on the body makes model Kiligkira more attractive and attractive.

She has the stage name Kiligkira (born in 1994) is also known as “tattooed hot girl” when she has many impressive tattoos on her body. Creating a personal Instagram account since mid-2018, up to now Kiligkira has more than 960,000 followers. Many people commented that Kiligkira has a pretty face like an angel, an innocent expression, in contrast to the personality shown through the tattoos on the body. She also likes gentle and loyal makeup with black hair. Kiligkira has an outstanding 1.76 m height with sexy 3 rings. She is currently a fashion model and influencer on social networks. In most pictures, the hot girl from China often wears daring cut outfits, showing off her seductive curves. To keep fit, Kiligkira regularly exercises, especially boxing. Tattooing, especially for women, is still stereotyped by many in China as not good or uncivilized. However, when the image of Kiligkira was shared on the forum, the netizens gave her many compliments. Lovers commented that the tattoos made her even more attractive and special. With a large number of followers, the amount of money she earns through advertising posts on her personal page is not small. Kiligkira often travels and relaxes. She made netizens jealous when she always wore branded goods, checked-in at many restaurants, luxury hotels, and famous resorts. Not only attracting a large number of fans in China, the young model also gets attention from netizens in Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. Kiligkira kept her private life secret on social media. She does not share pictures or information about relatives or friends. In her posts, she only shares about personal feelings or work schedules.