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The daughter of the original Qiu Shuzhen really “grew up”, wearing an A-line skirt is full of femininity, she is sweet and sexy


“Celebrity style” is a very popular dressing style in the past two years, but to create a celebrity style in autumn and winter, you can do it with a small fragrance jacket. So how should we create a celebrity style in the spring and summer? Today I will talk to you about this issue!

In fact, it is not difficult to create a “ladies style” in the spring and summer. The key is to work hard on the selection. For example, the dress style of Qiu Shuzhen’s daughter Shen Yue is very worthy of reference. After growing up, Shen Yue wearing an A-line skirt is full of femininity, sweet and sexy, and she has the temperament of her mother too! Now let’s interpret Shen Yue’s figure and see how she creates a celebrity look!

Interpretation of Shen Yue’s Dress Style

This dress on Shen Yue adopts a retro color design, combined with a version design that can highlight the advantages of the figure, plus some details and highlights, easily creating an elegant and noble celebrity style. Let’s start talking about the careful machines she used when choosing models!

Design and color: retro presbyopia printing → to create a luxurious and luxurious celebrity style

This dress is suitable for the retro old flower print design on the top and bottom of the skirt, which can enrich the sense of the styling picture while also showing the luxury and extravagance of the ladies. The black and white color design is simple and not picky, and at the same time reduces the difficulty of driving. When choosing skirts every day, if you want to avoid wearing mistakes, it is recommended to choose a style that is similar to the simple color scheme.

Style: Sleeveless style → show off long arms, showing lightness

But now that I have chosen the presbyopic printing, how should I avoid the fancy and compactness of the printing? Reasonable skin exposure is of course a good way. A dress like Shen Yue chose a sleeveless style. By showing the slender arm lines, it not only reduces the fancy of the shape, but also increases the lightness of the dress.

Slim-fit upper body + A-line skirt → pretty age reduction

Judging from the style of the skirt, the upper part of the dress adopts a slim design that fits the body shape, which can highlight the slimness of the upper body. The middle of the skirt is designed to receive the waist, which perfectly divides the proportion of the body, extends the length of the lower body, and plays the role of showing thinness and height. The skirt of the lower body adopts the A-line skirt design, combined with the fit design of the upper body and the waist design, to cleverly create an enviable “hourglass” figure. At the same time, the flared skirt design also increases the beauty of the shape. Sense of age.

Elements: black stitching stripes → thin and tall

In addition to the old flower prints, this dress is also embellished with a black stitching stripe design in the middle of the skirt. The black lines extending vertically in the middle can visually divide the body proportion horizontally, while the horizontal lines at the waist are Responsible for creating a “three-seven-point” body ratio, achieving a slim and tall wearing effect horizontally and vertically.

Matching: white pointed high heels, white chain bag echoes the “exquisite ladies style”

Accessories that fit the skirt style can also add color to the entire look. Pairing a pair of pointed high heels under the presbyopic print skirt can not only increase the height advantage and extend the leg line, but also make the calf straighten naturally, making the whole person more graceful and graceful. At the same time, the white high-heeled shoes can also echo the white bag in color, making the skirt look more integrated. In addition, whether it is white high-heeled shoes or bags, they fit the temperament of “exquisite ladies style” in style, and easily create a set of outstanding dress styles.

French retro style↓

The dark blue sling skirt is retro and pretty. The sling design highlights the angular shoulder lines and the swan neck. Appropriate exposure also reduces the dullness of dark colors. The Mary Jane low-heeled shoes on the feet have a retro temperament, and they match with the sling dress to show the elegance of a French lady. The most noteworthy thing about this shape is the cross-body red bag. Its existence breaks the monotony of dark colors and injects fashion vitality into the shape.

Lazy holiday style↓

The thin sling dress is lazy and elegant, and the length of the skirt is controlled between the calves to avoid the skirt from being too short and making the shape tacky, and there is no need to worry about lowering the height. Wear a pair of black slippers on your feet to make the suspender skirt look more lazy and casual. In addition, the fluorescent yellow bag creates the focal point of the entire styling and becomes the highlight of the styling effortlessly.

Lightly cooked wind↓

The way of wearing a suit + shirt is easy to give people a sense of formality, but matching a pair of shorts on the lower body immediately drives away the sense of professionalism of a suit + shirt. At the same time, the “shirt hem plug bottom” wearing method has also successfully improved the position of the waistline, and increased the lightness of the shape through proper skin exposure. A styling can not only be gentle and elegant, but also seize the opportunity to show off the body.