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The dazzling is not only the appearance, but also the music-Jin Sexiang is also a light experience with MY LOVE 4 headphones


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What is the love in the heart? If it not only has shocking sound quality performance, but also has a bright and dazzling appearance, and it has a new height from the inside out, will such a wired headset become your favorite? With a high-power player, you can perform a deeper interpretation of the details of the music, truly restore the original original sound, and hear the cool wired headphones. Can you count your love? Rather than being plain and tasteless, it is better to be bright and dazzling. This is the inner voice of Jin Sexiang Ye MY LOVE 4 earphones! It is just like this, burning itself, becoming the love of you and my heart!
Although the appearance of the headset is dazzling, but its packaging is really unpretentious. It’s so concise that it can’t be more concise, so I see only MY LOVE 4, which is the model of this headset, even the FRAGRANT ZITHER, which is also Jinsexiang, seems to be insignificant. Is this the feeling of being loved? Wish to have one-hearted people, the white head will not be separated! In my eyes, you are the only one. From then on, even if the water is three thousand weak, I only take this scoop. Perhaps this is the so-called artistic conception. Although there are only a few simple words, it is these simple words that can fully interpret the love of a lifetime! Jin Sexiang Ye MY LOVE 4 earphone is a high-resolution in-ear music earphone, which is an in-ear music earphone, which is characterized by high resolution.

There are not many accessories for MY LOVE 4 earphones, a product manual, bilingual in Chinese and English; a canvas storage bag, on the underside of the canvas storage bag, the English of THE FRAGRANT ZITHER is printed in black font, which is very good. Simplicity; several sets of white silicone earmuffs, as well as a Jinsexiang MY LOVE 4 earphones. There are two versions of Jin Sexiang MY LOVE 4 earphones, one is silver, and the other is pink. The main difference is the color of the earbuds, and the other parts are exactly the same. Both use 0.78mm double plugs. The needle has a fever-grade silver-plated wire, and this wire is interchangeable, which gives this headset another possibility, which is to use Bluetooth connection. Of course, the official current version uses wired headsets. Pink earplugs, pure white wires, silver-gray plugs and split ends, the color of the whole earphone is natural and elegant, white symbolizes purity, pink symbolizes love, gray is a little playful embellishment, plus the kind with diamonds The luxurious feeling makes this headset not only a headset, but also an accessory. In fact, as the headphones that we often use, they do also perform the function of accessories, but sometimes we don’t pay too much attention to it. Whether it is a ignorant girl or a graceful lady, anyone who sees the earplugs of the Jin Sexiang MY LOVE 4 earphones will be attracted by this gorgeous appearance for the first time. The silver-pink metal appearance is finely carved. After the English word LOVE, and the letter O is also inlaid with four exquisite diamonds, it gives people a fashionable and luxurious feeling. How can you not be moved? The change of light and dark tones, like the precipitation of the years, washes away the lead, only love is eternal. Jin Sexiang also MY LOVE 4 headphones impedance 16 ohms, it is easier to push. The sensitivity is 110dB mW, and the frequency response range is 5-40Khz. The line is 1.2 meters long, with a 0.78mm double pin interchangeable line. Carefully observe the interface between the earplug and the cable, and you can find a 0.78mm interchangeable cable connector. This place has been further upgraded to make the connection between the earplug and the cable tighter, stronger and more durable. This place is one of the places where this kind of earphone is prone to damage. If it is frequently plugged in and unplugged, the needle may break. The inside of the earplugs of Jin Sexiang MY LOVE 4 is transparent, allowing you to see the internal structure of the earplugs. The interior of this headset is not simple. It uses a variety of advanced education technologies. The first is the K60 strong drive ring to enhance the acoustic technology. Through the precise rear cavity vent control function of the moving coil unit, the dynamic performance range of the middle and low frequencies is enhanced to make it sweet and moist. The human voice and musical instrument sound are clearly layered and show more details. The two-way frequency technology works in coordination with the dual magnetic circuit voice coil to efficiently adjust the signal output balance to make the sound purer, more balanced, and more durable. K60 is powerfully driven, with huge magnetic flux, strong power, shocking high-definition resolution, and super cool low-frequency atmosphere, all of which make people look forward to the music performance of this headset. The Jin Sexiang MY LOVE 4 earphones distinguish the left and right ears. The white L and R are marked on the inside of the earbuds to distinguish the earbuds. The front part of the sound cavity is equipped with a metal mesh to prevent dust. With the big data of the ear canal, this earphone has a close-to-ear contour design, which makes it more comfortable to wear. The earhook is made of transparent silicone material, which is skin-friendly and comfortable, which makes the product more colorful. Jin Sexiang is also the 3.5mm plug of MY LOVE 4 earphones. The roots have been strengthened. Like the outer side of the earplugs, there are finely carved characters, which are quite luxurious. As mentioned earlier, Jin Sexiang also MY LOVE 4 earphones use many advanced technology for college advancement, so this product is more worth looking forward to. It uses a moving coil that is further strengthened by a magnetic field. I believe that the feedback to the signal will be more accurate and the transient performance will be more accurate It will be better, so that compared to the previous generation products, it will be more and more extensive in the types of music works that are suitable for display. It is said that this time, whether it is pop, rock, or classical and other types of repertoire, there will be outstanding performance, then Let’s take a look at this, but the sound show, will it be as dazzling as its appearance? This headset requires a certain amount of thrust, so use a player to choose a high-quality master-grade audio source in DSD and other formats to experience it. Jin Sexiang Ye MY LOVE 4 headphones show an immersive sound experience. The whole person is immersed in the sound field. The sound mixing effect is good, the layering is clear, the sense of space is strong, and the three-band is balanced and natural, which can express more details. High frequency, transparent, delicate and coherent, natural, real, sensitive, mid-frequency performance is more real, natural, high reduction, good resolution, high vocal separation, low frequency: transparent and natural, deep and deep, deeper dive. Stronger explosive power, good transient control, strong sense of rhythm, ingenious sound cavity design, in folk music performance, sometimes there is a slightly more harmonious and natural resonance effect, giving people a feeling of lingering over the beam for three days (not a moving coil) The control is not enough, but a natural coherence in the cavity, very clever). It’s better for vocals and good for instrumental music. It’s more suitable for listening to pop music, as well as symphony. Personally, I think MJ’s songs are very dynamic, with a sense of rhythm and a strong sense of control, which can have a very clever performance. The expressiveness and appeal of this headset are very good. I personally feel that it does have the feeling of being loved. It is indeed significantly improved compared to the previous products. The quality and performance are better. It can indeed meet the needs of entry-level HiFi. to sum up: Objectively summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Jin Sexiang MY LOVE 4 earphones: advantage: 1The appearance is graceful and luxurious, especially for women 2K60 strong drive, with a new generation of nano-level diaphragm, more delicate performance, stronger transient control 3Dual magnetic circuit two frequency division technology, the performance of the three frequency is more balanced 4 Silver-plated 0.78mm interchangeable wire 5Comfortable and firm to wear 6 The quality and performance have been greatly improved, and the performance is stronger insufficient: 1 Although the joints of the interchangeable cables have been strengthened, they still need to be further upgraded The full text is over, thank you for your appreciation, if you like this article, please give a thumbs up or follow the author, thank you