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The original 41-year-old Qin Lan’s state and temperament are really good. Wearing the same color clothing can reduce age, but the hat is big


Although most of the current outfits advocate subtraction, they think that the less you wear, the more natural they look, and they don’t look so exaggerated, but don’t forget that there is a way to wear more in the fashion world called : Stacked and worn, both eye-catching , It will not look bloated.
Yes, it’s true that layering is a way to add clothing, but it also gives people a very handsome and neat look visually, and at the same time it can create a certain sense of fashion and focus.
Many fashionable people show the essence of stacking vividly, that is, it is very comfortable, does not appear to be inconsistent, and at the same time can show a strong aura, and it is also fascinating.
At the same time, there are many advantages of stacking: ✔Improve the utilization rate of a single product✔Improve the shape of the clothing✔Create a sense of layering and many more.
It can be understood that it can not only allow you to create a fashionable shape, but also give the wearer more charm and aura, and at the same time can adapt to more scenes. It is almost a very versatile way of wearing.
Therefore, in daily life, if you feel that you are dressed very well, but you don’t want to be too fancy, layering is a very good choice to create the highlights of the dress and also show the level of wear. Very atmospheric.
Just like Qin Lan’s outfit, knitted vest + T-shirt, not only does not look monotonous, but also gives Fashion , And at the same time it looks so natural and beautiful, at all Not fancy.

So it can be seen from the outfit that the 41-year-old Qin Lan is in good condition and temperament. Wearing clothes of the same color can reduce the age, but the hat is bigger, but this does not affect the overall outfit, and looks very girlish.

About stacking modeling analysis

  • Matching: knitted vest + T-shirt + trousers

Speaking of the single item choice for stacking, in fact, the knitted vest is a very good choice. It can be said that it is also a “universal” existence. Whether it is combined with a T-shirt or a shirt, it will look very natural. but Knitted vest and T-shirt The combination of these can not only create a sense of fashion and elegance, but also increase the appearance rate of T-shirts. Moreover, when combined, it will not be so inconsistent. Not heavy. Pair the lower body with a pair of trousers, and tuck the hem of the top into the bottom, which can also give the clothes more layering, which is good-looking and fashionable.

  • Design and color: blue + white + printing

Among all the colors, if it can show the tranquil and gentle CP color, then the first thing the editor thinks of is White and blue. Not only can create a sense of fashion and temperament, but also give more wear A sense of refinement, In addition, the blue and white colors also have the effect of cooling down. Visually, they are not very bloated, but they can also create a light effect, and they are very high-end. Yes, that’s right, blue and white are very advanced colors, with a strong minimalism , Even if the effect of printing is added, it will not affect the wearing Beauty , But more accent.

Tips on stacking

  • Simple and refreshing colors

Generally speaking, two layers or more are used for layered wear. If you want to wear it exquisitely and beautifully, then the color is really important. However, when it comes to colors that are layered and worn, Same color system, near color system, basic color The best match, so both Not fancy , Still appears very natural. But if you want to wear it brightly, it is recommended that you match it with the basic color. Otherwise, the large-area contrast color will not only make the clothing cheap, but also be less refined. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to the color.

  • The collocation should have a texture and not be bloated

In addition, in the overall collocation, if it is not rumored to be too bloated, in fact, it is OK to put two layers together, just like Vest + T-shirt , The dress is not only western style, but also very visual, and the dress is also good-looking. In fact, it’s very simple in popular terms. Won’t look bloated So, looking at the outfits all day long, the 41-year-old Qin Lan is really elegant and beautiful. Although she looks a little girly, she has a really good temperament.

Different layering styles to wear and match display

  • Knitted vest + shirt

Knitted vests can be matched not only with T-shirts, but also with shirts, and are more than matching with T-shirts. Intellectual and capable The effect of the dress is also full of intellectual and accent. At the same time, the contrasting knit vest, matched with a solid color shirt, looks very elegant visually, and it is not fancy to wear. The lower body is matched with plaid trousers, the overall match Ultra-reduced age Oh.

  • Leather + Cardigan Jacket

In stacking, leather clothing is also a single item that can often be seen. It is combined with suit coats and other outerwear. Charm Still fashionable. Moreover, the contrasting color coat and the leather coat are not only restrained from the hostility, but also more visually. Textured , And matched together, it also weakens the old-fashioned feel of leather clothing, and it looks cool and fashionable.

  • Vest + T-shirt

It is rare to see the wearing of a vest and a T-shirt, but after combining them, it turns out that there is not too much inconsistent. Not only does it create a sense of layering, it also improves the utilization of the two items. Visually It also looks very fashionable. The lower body is matched with a pair of ripped denim trousers, which is full of personality, and the overall match looks very summer, which is very suitable for those cool girls