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The entertainment area, the street selling children’s toys in Hanoi is in turmoil because of the epidemic


The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has caused many streets selling toys and famous amusement parks in Hanoi to be covered with tarpaulins before the International Children’s Day June 1.

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day every year, the big streets specializing in selling children’s toys such as Luong Van Can, Hang Can… are often bustling with sellers and buyers, as if they were going to a festival, but this year the space is deserted. afflicted by disease. The shop owners almost just sit and watch the phone to watch the shop. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, schools give early summer vacations, so there are almost no customers who are schools, parents buy goods in large quantities to make year-end rewards as usual. As noted by the reporter of Tien Phong newspaper, the number of retail customers coming to buy directly is quite sparse, and can only be counted on the fingers. Vendors wait for customers all afternoon, almost no customers come to buy. They took advantage of decorating a few more items on the cars to make them more eye-catching. The whole street of Hang Can, Luong Van Can, on the afternoon of May 31, was sparse with no customers coming to buy. Spider-Man figures are mounted on trees to create eye-catching appeal for young customers, but now there are not many customers visiting. Children’s fashion stores even hang signs of deep discounts of 30%, but there are no customers to shop. Scattered, only a few stores have customers to buy and choose toys. The streets known as the toy capital of the capital such as Hang Ma, Luong Van Can, Hang Luoc… are now deserted without buyers. There are no pictures of stores full of other crowded toys, no more stalls, shelves close to the sidewalk selling enough toys and gifts for children like every year. Not far from the toy shopping market, the Hanoi Children’s Palace, a familiar place for children to play and live in the capital, is now closed to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic. The amusement parks are covered with tarpaulin to stop receiving guests according to the epidemic prevention directive of Hanoi city.