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The famous seasoning series attracts diners


The dishes will be more attractive if there are famous seasonings such as dipping sauce, soy sauce, shrimp salt, fish sauce…

The Thai people in the Northwest have occipital diagonal (or diagonal occipital) as an attractive dipping spice. The basic ingredients for making cross cuts are usually made of fenugreek seeds, salt seeds, chili peppers, garlic, main noodles, doi seeds, lemongrass, ginger, etc., pounded. People use occipital cross to dip grilled dishes, vegetables, bamboo shoots, sticky rice… Photo: Saytrip. Ban Yen Nhan ward of My Hao town, Hung Yen province has a traditional profession of making soy sauce, producing famous Ban soy sauce specialties. This is a dipping sauce that attracts many diners, made from main ingredients such as glutinous rice, soybeans, salt, and water with an elaborate process that requires its own secret. Photo: Phan Khanh. Hau Loc shrimp paste is a famous specialty of Thanh Hoa. Hau Loc is a coastal plain district of this province with a long history. According to the sources, the processing of shrimp paste in Hau Loc dates back to the 12th century, about 800 years ago, since the establishment of Diem Pho fishing village, now Ngu Loc commune of Hau Loc district. Photo: Saphavi. Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan), Phu Quoc (Kien Giang), Nam O (Da Nang)… are famous places with delicious traditional fish sauce. In these localities, the profession of making fish sauce has existed for hundreds of years. Photo: Sochaudchannel. One-day beef specialties in the provinces of Gia Lai, Lam Dong, Phu Yen … are often used with unique weaver ant salt specialties, with a characteristic slightly sour taste, said to be secreted from the ant’s abdominal fluid. To make weaver ant salt, people use both yellow ant bodies and ant eggs, combining some other ingredients such as salt, wild chili, lentil leaves… Photo: Chanchan171217. Go Cong shrimp paste is a famous specialty of Tien Giang. People use fresh ground shrimp, silver shrimp, cleaned, soaked in alcohol, pounded with garlic, chili, salt… The shrimp mixture after incubation is rubbed through a sieve to decanter the meat, then dried in the sun. When enjoying, diners will mix shrimp paste with a little lemon, sugar, garlic, chili … to make dipping sauce. Photo: Wiki-travel. Processed from the main ingredients are salt and shrimp, which are not typical products of a Southeast province like Tay Ninh, but shrimp salt is known as a famous specialty of this land. In addition to those two main ingredients, people also need garlic, chili, lemongrass … with a balanced ratio, done through many stages of grinding, roasting, drying… to produce a large-grained, colored shrimp salt. beautiful beauty, rich flavor, used to dip fruit, seafood, mix rice paper… Photo: Whiskey.95.