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The fashion of wearing bikini with open belly of Vietnamese stars


Swimwear with a gap in the second round helps women show off their slim and sexy body.

Cut-out outfits appear on many fashion catwalks in the Spring – Summer 2021 fashion season. Not only eveningwear or street style dresses, cut-outs also “rock” in the swimwear segment. Swimwear with a gap at the waist or in front of the belly is popular with many Vietnamese and Hollywood stars. Huyen Baby wears a cut-out one-piece swimsuit in a sexy second round. Answering Zing, the Hanoi-born beauty said she loves trendy and flattering swimwear. “In my wardrobe there are many different styles of bathing suits. Usually, I like to wear bikinis or one-piece swimsuits with vibrant colors and patterns,” she said. Photo: Huyen Baby. Huyen Baby focuses on dressing well anytime, anywhere. She loves the glamorous fashion sense when traveling. The beauty shared: “For beach fashion, I give priority to choosing items that help exploit body strengths as well as trends.” Photo: Huyen Baby. The slits or waist straps on the swimsuit help to accentuate the curves when worn. Hanh Sino shows off her hourglass figure in a vibrant neon yellow bathing suit. She mixed jewelry accessories such as earrings, necklace to bring a trendy look. Photo: Hanh Sino. Puka wears a swimsuit with high slits on the sides. The actress looks young with a set of sweet red – blue colors. Photo: Puka. Answering Zing, Puka said she is aiming for innovation and maturity in personal style. The actress confidently wears a cropped bathing suit thanks to the advantage of a slim second round. She said: “I pay close attention to the issue of eating, taking advantage of some exercises at home to maintain a reasonable weight. I do not eat starch, sweets or greasy food after 6pm. In addition, I also like to jump rope. Jumping rope helps me to lose weight very well.” Photo: Puka. Pursuing a healthy diet and exercise routine for a long time, Toc Tien attracts the eye when wearing a cropped dress. The female singer chose to design a drawstring swimsuit with a gap in the second round. The neon colors of the costumes help the beauties look attractive when taking photos. Photo: Toc Tien. Phuong Trinh Jolie shows off her figure with a striking red swimsuit. The female singer chooses a design that cuts across the abdomen and on the waist. She combined some trendy summer accessories such as sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat. Photo: Phuong Trinh Jolie. Stylish summer outfits for girls Women can elevate their summer style with some simple, easy-to-find items.