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The headquarters of “e-car” Jikrypton landed in Ningbo, and the layout of “Great Geely” began to run wild


Things always go through, and there is time to give the most standard answer. The same is true for the automotive industry. As early as 2020, the consensus of the auto industry on the new forces of car building is: the “window period” is closing, and there is not much time left for the “new forces”. But time can best explain the problem. In 2021, it seems that this “window period” has not been closed; on the contrary, it has been broken into by stronger players. Before and after the Xiaomi car made a strong debut, and then there is a most noteworthy brand-Jikrypton car. But in the circle of the so-called “new forces”, Jikrypton looks a little different. The difference between Extreme Krypton lies in its capital and technological strength. It has a deeper understanding of the industry; of course, it lies more in speed. On March 23, Geely announced the official establishment of JiKr Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.; a week later, JiKr LOGO and the first mass-produced model ZEEKR 001 will be officially unveiled; on April 15, JiKr Intelligent Technology released its new brand JiKr ZEEKR and ZEEKR 001 reservations are also opened simultaneously. In just three weeks, from the company to the brand to the model, Gekko made a perfect debut, and its speed was staggering. Now, there is another news from Jikr: The global headquarters has officially landed in Ningbo. The gold content of extremely krypton In fact, the very krypton brand has a golden key since its birth. Why do you say that? Because Geely can be said to be dedicated to the extremely krypton brand, the reason is very simple, this track is not allowed to try, and there is no way out. Backed by Geely, Geely Krypton, from the beginning, not from scratch, sitting on the global resource synergy of Geely, origin is a high starting point, for Geely Krypton how to better integrate internal resources is more important. Therefore, the real test is the transformation of the new company’s organizational system-because the new electric vehicle products are not difficult, but a matching organizational decision-making system that can quickly adapt to demand is the “acceleration” that really determines this product. “. With the upstarts of electric vehicles such as Tesla, Weilai, Xiaopeng, Ideal and other domestic and foreign electric vehicles seizing the minds of users and market opportunities, the challenge of the market is not only product competition, but also for the extremely krypton born out of traditional car companies. It is a rivalry on the organizational system. Fortunately, Jikrypton also thought of this level and did it. The appointment of Li Shufu as chairman and An Conghui as CEO in person means that Jikrypton has been placed in Geely’s head strategy. There are three hidden messages here: 1. Geely has no reservations about the promotion of Krypton. This is of course a company that crosses the river by feeling the stones, but it is also a project that Geely has no plans to fail. An Conghui personally manages it. Krypton will certainly get it at the level of company resources. With the greatest support, the process will be the smoothest; 2. Geely Auto’s attitude towards future auto companies is still long-termism. Although innovative thinking is the driving force of new auto companies, long-termism is still the pillar philosophy in the upgraded industry. An Conghui is one of the best long-distance runners in China’s auto industry, and the ultra-krypton car he manages will inevitably advance along the long-termist route. 3. After the rapid development of the company in the past five years, Geely Auto’s senior executives represented by An Conghui still have an aggressive development thinking. This aggressive thinking mode will inevitably be brought to the extreme. . Such a high starting point and organizational system allows extremely krypton products to quickly get feedback from the market. Of course, the effect is also very obvious. Up to now, the order for the first model of the Jikrypton brand, ZEEKR 001, has exceeded expectations, reflecting the attention and recognition of the market and users, and has become the hottest model in the high-end smart pure electric market. The data best reflects the facts: On June 15th, Jikrypton announced that all deliverable orders for 2021 had been sold out. The average order value of ZEEKR 001 Dading users exceeded 335,000, reaching the level of a luxury brand. This means that Super Krypton quickly passed the start-up period that a brand must go through, came to the rapid growth period, and quickly opened the market with high quality and high quality, and with its own strength, changed the current pattern of pure electric vehicles. People: the “internal drive” of auspicious In the author’s opinion, Jikrypton has created a travel ecology, but more importantly, Geely, including Jikrypton, fully values ​​the power of “people”. Becoming friends with users and employees is the core of Dajili’s spirit. Taking Jikrypton as an example, in addition to An Conghui’s personal management of the entire group’s efforts, and a cash injection of 2 billion yuan, compared with other car companies, it is reported that Jikrypton will set up an innovative ownership structure to give employees and users the ownership of the company. Sense, this is exactly a strategic change in the system. For example, JiKr has designed a brand-new user rights plan to give users the opportunity to share the benefits of the company’s value growth with the company’s shareholders. This kind of user-centered and employee-centered open culture and organizational structure. Not only can it be zero distance with users, but also can maximize the potential of employees, realize a true user-oriented enterprise, and create the most critical innovation energy. This is also reflected in the “Common Wealth Plan” launched by Geely in Ningbo during the same period. Taking Ningbo as the pioneering point of the pilot demonstration zone, Geely will carry out a series of employee care activities, involving a series of measures such as employee income enhancement stock ownership plan, vocational education and development, children’s enrollment, family medical insurance, welfare house purchase and car purchase, cultural and sports facilities construction, etc. . The life of employees is guaranteed in all-round and multi-dimensional ways. At the same time, as a leading enterprise in Ningbo, Geely’s approach has further promoted the socio-economic development of Ningbo. In fact, Geely’s approach is not accidental. As early as 2017, Geely Holding Group has established life risk protection for more than 60,000 employees and 120,000 family members from all over the country-a comprehensive commercial insurance system to help employees And its families avoid or reduce the economic and mental stress and risks caused by accidents and diseases, solve the worries of employees, enhance the experience and happiness of employees and families, and enhance corporate cohesion. Thanks to Geely’s efforts, Geely male employees, who are the backbone of the family, received 200,000 yuan of medical support after they fell ill; Geely dual employees who need to drive dozens of kilometers to pick up and drop off their children every day can put their children in Geely’s own Ningbo Beilun. In the Sunleigh Kindergarten. The benefits provided by Geely to employees do not stop there. Since 2004, Geely has provided welfare housing for employees through self-construction and cooperation; within two years, Geely has organized more than 45,000 talent training sessions, and more than 1.47 million people have improved their abilities and professional skills through training. There must be a good corporate culture before a good company. This kind of idea is internalized in Geely’s idea, which is to respect people, achieve people, and be happy people. This is the human resource approach that Geely has followed for the past 21 years. Nowadays, Geely’s emphasis on people is feeding back to Geely, and it has also become a powerful “internal drive” for Geely. Write at the end Li Shufu once said: “A new track in the automotive industry has begun to be built, and a new marathon has started. There is no end, there is only the beginning, there is no way, only the direction.” However, we seem to have seen from the rapid landing and decisive strategy of Ultra Krypton that in the future, Ultra Krypton not only wants to win applause in the industry competition, but also hopes to open a new track for car building; and the applause that Geely wants to get is also It is not only in the extreme krypton. Starting from the “Total Prosperity Plan”, the layout of great auspiciousness has already faced the future and rushed forward. end Reporter | Liliman Edit | Uncle Thirteen