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Thousands of drivers in Chongqing were fined 10,000 yuan!The largest one in China


Thousands of drivers were fined 10,000 yuan for running online and car-hailing without a license!

A Chongqing driver broke the news: Recently, many Didi drivers have received warnings of punishment for engaging in online car-hailing operations without authorization. Those who received the information were fined a minimum of 10,000 yuan.

Judging from the text messages sent by the fined drivers, the general idea is: if a motor vehicle conducts business activities on the Didi platform without obtaining a business license, it engages in online car-hailing business activities without authorization. It must be processed within 30 days from the date of receipt of the notification, including the order number. It’s all clearly stated.

Most of the drivers who received punishment reminders were drivers who did not have “double certificates”, and someone broke the news that they had ran the car in February. They have not ran through so far, and they have also received information; some drivers have also received more than one fine information. . Judging from the current situation, there are about 10 WeChat QQ groups formed by the drivers after receiving the notice, with the number of each group ranging from 200 to 500, and at least several thousand drivers have received text messages.

Not only in Chongqing, Ma’anshan driver Li Cheng (pseudonym) registered for online car-hailing business for just 3 days. He was impounded for engaging in online car-hailing business activities without a license and faced a fine of 10,000 yuan.

In more than a month, there were 11 online ride-hailing drivers in Ma’anshan City who were known to face the same situation as him. Do not “dual certificate” when registering, and the sports car said it violated the regulations? In recent years, the rise of online car-hailing has brought a lot of convenience to travel. The services of various platforms such as Didi, T3, and Cao Cao have even become the main means of transportation for many people to go to work, and they have also attracted many drivers to stop by. But what puzzles these drivers is that the online car-hailing platform does not require the driver to provide “dual certificates” (“Online Booking Taxi Car Transport Certificate” and “Online Booking Taxi Driver Certificate”) to register normally during registration. At the time of dispatch, there was no indication that the lack of dual certificates was an “illegal operation”, which caused most drivers to be found out of violation after being investigated. Liang Bing of Ma’anshan registered as an online ride-hailing driver on the Didi platform at the end of 2020. He said that after the registration was successful, the platform had prompted that his “online ride-hailing driver certificate” had failed the review, but the platform gave it more than half a year. The “compliance grace period” requires him to apply for uploading an “online car-hailing driver’s license” before June 4, 2021, otherwise “the dispatch of orders will be restricted.” This reminder Liang Bing didn’t take it to heart, “Because I don’t know what my income is, and I don’t plan to run for a long time. Since there is a grace period, I can run and watch first, but I won’t do it.” Liang Bing said, the platform only reminded that it was not uploaded. “Online car hire driver’s license” will affect the dispatch of orders, and there is no notification of the risk of car detention and fines after being investigated. At the time of investigation, the platform showed that Liang Bing still had a 71-day compliance grace period. “If you know I’ll be fined on the road and I won’t run. I made more than 5,000 in three months, and a fine was 10,000. Isn’t this a pitted driver?” When Liang Bing was investigated, the platform showed that there was still a 71-day grace period for compliance Liang Bing also contacted the driver’s hotline of the Didi platform many times, and at the same time reported the situation of the vehicle being investigated on the driver’s platform, but no one has contacted him for resolution. “During the promotion, the platform only said that the registration is simple, the income is high, and it didn’t say what certification is needed. We thought it was legal to be able to take the order.” The driver Li Cheng said that after being investigated, the drivers went to Didi, Ma’anshan together. The outlets asked for an explanation, but it was not resolved. In order not to affect the use of the car, most drivers have paid their own fines. Operating online car-hailing without “dual certificates” will result in a fine of 10,000-30,000 In recent years, with the rapid growth of the online car-hailing market, relevant departments such as the Ministry of Transport have been introducing and adjusting relevant policies. The editor learned that as early as July 2016, seven ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the “Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Taxi Booking Service”. To obtain the “Online Reservation Taxi Transport Permit”, the driver who provides services needs to obtain the “Online Appointment Taxi Driver Permit”, referred to as “Double Pass”. In accordance with the above regulations, if anyone engages in online car-hailing business activities without obtaining a business license or in disguised form, the taxi administrative department at or above the county level will order corrections, give a warning, and impose a fine of 10,000 yuan up to 30,000 yuan, which constitutes a crime. , Investigate criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. This regulation will come into effect on November 1, 2016. According to The Paper, the comprehensive transportation administration departments in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and many other places have stated that the operation of online car-hailing requires “double certificates”, and illegal operations will face the risk of vehicle detention and fines. Driver registration on multiple online car-hailing platforms does not require “double certificates” Although relevant departments made clear regulations on the “dual certificates” for online car-hailing in 2016, some reporters investigated multiple online car-hailing platforms such as Didi Chuxing, Shouqi Chuxing, Cao Cao Chuxing, Ruqi Chuxing, etc., and found In the “driver joining conditions” and “registration information”, there is no mandatory requirement for the “dual certificate”, and some platforms do not even provide risk warnings for the “dual certificate”. in Didi Travel Platform , To register as an online ride-hailing driver only needs to provide four materials: ID card, driver’s license, driving license, and vehicle photo. In the “conditions for joining Didi’s online ride-hailing”, only the age of the driver, the type of driving and the crime Records, license plates, vehicle age, etc. are stipulated, and online ride-hailing drivers are not required to have “dual certificates.” Didi Chuxing does not require “dual certificates” for driver registration, nor does it indicate the risk of undocumented in Shouqi car-hailing driver app Regarding the driver’s joining conditions and vehicle joining conditions, there is no provision or reminder for the “dual certificate”. After the driver meets the basic age, driving experience and other conditions, he only needs to provide his ID card, driver’s license, driving license, and vehicle photo to register. Go through. Shouqi car-hailing drivers did not require “dual certificates” in joining While in Cao Cao Travel On the Cao Cao franchise driver app under its banner, among the materials required for registration of car owners, “Online Car-hailing Practitioner Qualification Certificate” and “Online Car-hailing Transport Permit” are displayed as “optional” status. Drivers can still register normally even if they do not have “dual certificates” ,Orders. In Cao Cao’s driver joining, “dual certificate” is an “optional” option Ruqi travel At present, the channel for special car drivers to join has been stopped, and only the owners of downwind cars are allowed to join. According to the customer service staff of the platform, the platform does not have a “double certificate” requirement for Shunfeng drivers to join. Drivers upload ID cards and other certificates as required on the APP, and they can accept orders after review. If the driver is investigated and punished by the law enforcement agency for being undocumented, he must resolve it by himself. Who gives the drivers an explanation? Now many people have reported the situation to the online car-hailing customer service, but have not received a specific response, and how to deal with it has not been determined. And this large-scale driver has been fined. What responsibilities does the ride-hailing platform bear in this? Why do the relevant departments only fine the drivers and let Didi leave it alone? Has the online car-hailing platform obtained operating permits in the relevant cities? Has the relevant department publicized it? The platform knows that there is no license and the document is illegal, why does it send the driver back to the driver? For most drivers who make a living, the fined money is not a small amount for many people. I hope the platform and society can give them an explanation. Do you have any friends who run online car-hailing? Has anyone received this penalty text message?