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The ideal place to live for the elderly in the middle of the capital: Close to children and grandchildren, close to nature


After more than half of their life, pursuing a career and taking care of their family, the most desirable thing of those who have turned late is to find a peaceful but full-fledged ‘stopover’, quiet but still close to home. close to children.
Watch the sunrise on the sea in the morning, let go of the fishing rod in the afternoon

No more early mornings being woken up by the car horn, every day of Uncle Quang – a resident of U60 in the coastal city of Vinhomes Ocean Park, begins to feel refreshed and relaxed when enjoying the fun with his partner. “Welcome the dawn by the white sand lake”. “In the past, my husband and I lived right at O ​​Cho Dua (Dong Da), every morning we woke up to all kinds of noisy sounds from car horns, sales pitches, market fairs… When I was young and healthy, I felt bustling and noisy. I still like it like that, but when I’m old, I want quiet. Since the day she moved here, every morning she wakes up comfortably after a good night’s sleep. The couple went for a walk on the sand, just welcomed the new day, while exercising and working out.” – Uncle Quang excitedly shared. Vinhomes Ocean Park with 24.5ha wide white sand pearl lake and the largest artificial saltwater lake in Vietnam, provides a relaxing space to relax and improve health for the elderly. Not only enjoying a romantic moment with his partner like when he was young, every afternoon when Uncle Quang and his neighbors from the same age group found “the joy of farming” in the middle of the bustling metropolis when they let go of a fishing rod. fish on the green freshwater lake of 24.5 hectares. “I thought this life of “growing vegetables and fish” could only be found in the countryside, but now even in a comfortable city, you can still enjoy this poetic pleasure. Every afternoon, he spends about an hour fishing with his neighbor friends, one day after fishing, he goes to the resort to play a couple of games of chess or sip a cup of tea. My whole life has been rushed, busy with work, now enjoying life like this is enough to be happy.” – Uncle Quang confided. Gather with your children and grandchildren in the middle of a modern urban space Contrary to the concept of having to go to the countryside or go to the suburbs to breathe fresh air, the Vinhomes Ocean Park elderly association can both enjoy the garden in the modern metropolis in Hanoi, and enjoy the joy of living in the city. happy to be close to their children and grandchildren when they have passed 2/3 of their lives. Besides the open green space and the sports and medical facilities that are friendly to the elderly; Vinhomes Ocean Park also owns a complex of “measurement and shoemaking” utilities for the young generation, from school to shopping right at the foot of the house. That is why many multi-generational families have moved here to settle down. Here, the image of grandparents taking their grandchildren to school on green, clean and safe Vinbus lines; Children play at the water playground while grandparents are leisurely walking around the sidewalks next to each other, or families of “three and four great roads” together make a fire in the BBQ park on the sand in the evening. Weekends are no longer strange. Families of “three, four great roads” gather for a picnic together in the weekend BBQ park by the river Before buying an apartment in the same building S1.02 but different floors to live near her son’s family at Vinhomes Ocean Park, the image of Ms. Dieu Yen (67 years old, Hanoi) about retirement life in the “big city”. ” are the days that hang around behind the door that is always closed, day after day without knowing the neighbor’s face. But since officially becoming a resident of “the lake city” in December 2020, Ms. Yen has completely changed her mind. “Since returning to Vinhomes Ocean Park, she feels a full life with double happiness because she can not only have fun with her children and grandchildren, but also experience a life close to nature, health, and integration with friends. coeval. During the day, she goes to the market right down the hall for both families and prepares food. In the afternoon, she walks to pick up the children from school. While letting the children play in the yard, she also played 1, 2 rounds of badminton with the Club” – Yen shared. Green space suitable for the elderly, children and the world of utilities right at the foot of the house at Vinhomes Ocean Park has conquered many multi-generational families. A full life in the late afternoon is a happy gift that ends the years of life that everyone dreams of when they are old. With full and convenient utility planning, living space to improve health and friendly and civilized community; Vinhomes Ocean Park is the ideal stop to enjoy the old age of the urban retirement association.