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Lisa shows off her new promotional photo but it looks like the old one just because she has the same expression


Lisa is the global face of a famous cosmetic company and everyone thinks that Lisa will be heavily invested by the company, constantly transforming in product promotion campaigns, but the reality is completely different.

Recently, MAC cosmetics released a new photo of Lisa and if you didn’t read the introduction, everyone would think that this is an old picture, bring it back from time to time. Because since being a brand ambassador for this brand until now, Lisa rarely changes in the pictures. Lisa always has a slightly parted lip expression, eyes looking down or looking straight at the camera, a cold and luxurious face. The way to pose does not have many breakthroughs, always holding the product close to the face. Lisa’s hairstyle is also not invested much, leaving the bangs to cover the forehead and parting the bangs to the sides. Style The makeup is all in a sharp, impressive style. Even the background of the series was damaged netizen unattractive. It’s rare to have a set of photos of Lisa getting a new hairstyle and not needing to carry the product. But Lisa’s cold half-lidded expression remained the same. Meanwhile, the series of images of Jisoo advertising Dior cosmetics are much more diverse. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister sometimes smiles brightly, sometimes she’s wearing lipstick, sometimes she’s elegant and sometimes gentle. The cosmetic company that Jennie is a brand ambassador is not as famous as MAC, but the variety is much better. Jennie has many creative advertising images, no need to hold a lipstick netizen I still know this is an introduction.