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The lack of “core” is still troubled, and the sales analysis of the A-class sedan market in May


Although domestic sales of SUVs have surpassed those of sedans, the A-class sedan market is still the choice of many home users, and the competitive pressure is also the most market segment. Major brands have one or two blockbuster models at this level. In May of this year, the cumulative sales of domestic A-class cars were 426,500, a year-on-year decrease of 14.12%, and this was the first time this year that there was a year-on-year decline. The main reason for this problem is the lack of “core”, and some auto companies have slowed down production. The overall pattern of the A-class car market has not changed much. There are 44 German models, and Japanese and domestic models each account for 33 models. Japanese “Sylphy” defends the title, Civic declines significantly In terms of specific models, Nissan Sylphy still won the domestic car’s monthly sales champion. In May, its sales reached 42,062. However, there was a 7.11% decline year-on-year in May last year. The cumulative sales have reached 208,880, too. At present, the only domestic model with cumulative sales of more than 200,000 units from January to May. Sylphy has shown its strong dominance since its replacement. The appearance and space of the whole car have advantages at the same level, and there is also the name of the Japanese sofa, making it very suitable for the needs of ordinary families. Previously, there were media reports that the new Sylphy e-Power model will also be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year, which will further widen the gap with the second place. 【Sylphy】 The other two Japanese models are occupied by Corolla and Ralink. The performance of these two brothers in the market has been very stable at this level. The reputation of both models is very good, with excellent fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. The choice of fewer families is also a favorite of many Didi drivers. However, it is worth noting that the Civic, which was previously at the top of the list, fell out of the top ten. It is also the model that has the greatest impact on this list due to chip shortages. For Dongfeng Honda, its two main models CR-V and Civics suffered a cliff-like decline one after another, and the losses were indeed serious. 【Corolla】 The performance of the German department is quite satisfactory, and it is still the ones we are familiar with Among the top ten sales of A-class cars, four of them are Volkswagen models, two SAIC-Volkswagen and two FAW-Volkswagens, namely LaVida, Bora, Sagitar and Santana. We are all familiar with these models. Is the top ten regular customer on the sales list. LaVida sold 34,800 units in May, and the gap with Sylphy is still relatively large. It is true that LaVida will not be able to keep up with the rhythm after the replacement of Sylphy. If the Sylphy e-Power is launched later, perhaps this gap will be further widened. . Another model of SAIC Volkswagen, the Santana, ranked eighth. The sales volume in May actually maintained quite well, and there was nothing too brilliant about it. 【Sagitar】 Ranked third is FAW-Volkswagen Bora. Its sales in May reached 31,303. The gap with Lavida is not too big. Compared with the previous month, its sales in April increased by leaps and bounds. The year-on-year and month-on-month growth reached 45.39% and 74.70 respectively. %, the fifth-ranked Sagitar’s performance in May was also very eye-catching. It saw an increase of 174.66% from the previous month. The sales volume in May reached 25,730. This is also in line with FAW-Volkswagen’s recent increase in preferential promotion. In the short term, there is no chip pressure related, and it can be regarded as a blow to the newly listed Ling Shang and Asian Lions. There are also three domestically made models, which is surprising 【Empire】 It is quite unexpected that three independent brands can enter the top ten to tell the truth. This is also related to the shortage of Dongfeng Honda chips. The top three models are still Geely Emgrand ranking seventh, with monthly sales of 14025 units. The year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter declines are not small, which is also related to the upcoming launch of new models by Geely Emgrand. Although the old models have great discounts, many consumers are waiting for the new models. After all, the old models have not been there for a long time. After a new generation, the overall look is relatively old-fashioned. 【Easy PLUS】 The other two models are also our old friends, Changan Yidong and Roewe i5, ranking ninth and tenth respectively. Changan Yidong PLUS is also a model with a relatively strong upward momentum in self-owned brand cars, but now this performance has been maintained for a long time. It seems to have come to the top, the overall appearance is very good, the interior materials and workmanship also have certain advantages at the same level, and the performance of the Changan Blue Whale engine is also very eye-catching. 【Roewe i5】 The Roewe i5 has also been updated not long ago. The new model has a very large upgrade in the exterior and interior, but the price has not changed, and the price/performance ratio is very good. And this is the reason why Roewe i5 can gain the market. It and Geely Emgrand are both low-priced, large-sized and good overall quality models, and the price-performance ratio is very good. to sum up: On the whole, the A-class car market declined significantly in May. It was also due to the lack of chips and the rise of some raw materials. The production pressure of manufacturers was also greater. We learned from many joint venture brand dealers that many models are available. Reducing discounts has also made many consumers wait-and-see, but overall, the signs of recovery in the domestic auto market this year are still very obvious. Author