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Original High Light | Share restored from 3% to 9.5%! Without the glory of Huawei’s “Umbrella”, can it break out of the siege of Xiaomi OV?


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Author|Zhang Yating

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“Flags are collected in Kyushu, the Glory 50 is the best seller”, “Zheli is the most glorious, Zhejiang customers wish Glory new products will be sold” “50 is born, proud of the heroes, Sichuan glory, peaking”…

Before the launch of the Honor 50, some Honor employees and distributors wore blue T-shirts with the honor logo, and uttered passionate slogans outside the Oriental Sports Center for a group photo to commemorate.

Compared with the first V40 conference held online after the independence of the Honor brand in January, the offline conference of Honor 50 was significantly more “lively”. A Honor dealer from Hebei told Sohu Technology, “This time, dealer representatives from all provinces across the country have basically come.”

For Zhao Ming, the holding of this conference is also of great significance. At the opening of the press conference, he mentioned with a touch of sentiment: “With mixed feelings in my heart, thank you friends for your support, Glory is standing in the Oriental Sports Center again.” Before Glory’s independence, the Oriental Sports Center witnessed Glory 8, Glory 9, and Glory. The release of Honor 10, Honor 20 and Honor 30.

“No one will give us an umbrella anymore”

“In the past 211 days, Honor has gone from the top two brands in China, with a market share of 16.7%, to 3%.” In the context of chip sanctions, after leaving Huawei’s halo, Honor has experienced a period of time. Dark period.

This gloom is not only reflected in market share, but also in rather trivial details. Zhao Ming admitted in an interview with media groups including Sohu Technology, “We have never had such a life before, and no one will give us an umbrella again.”

In the past, Glory operated in a large system, but after leaving Huawei, Glory can’t rely on the big tree to enjoy the cold. Zhao Ming, for example, said that at one time Honor had to find bank loans for its operating cash flow, and each product had to be calculated carefully. When the office was renovated, the tables, chairs and benches had to be bought by themselves. “Shenzhen often had problems when it was just being renovated. I was sitting in the office on the 32nd floor. The bathroom was blocked and I needed to find the bathroom upstairs and downstairs.”

At the same time, Zhao Ming said that these difficulties and problems have made Honor look back and re-recognize itself, “We are an independent startup company, and we have to complete our own salvation and the transformation of the entire system.”

Domestic share rebounded from 3% to 9.5% Currently, Honor has publicly announced that its market share has returned to 9.5% in the past May. An industry source told Sohu Technology that on the second day of the press conference, on June 17, Honor also held the China KA Summit for retailers in Shanghai, and disclosed the weekly trend of domestic TOP6 brand sales share, and Honor sales once It surpassed Huawei and became the fifth in China. Glory is extremely eager to return to the mainstream market. Although the chip data of Honor 50 was obtained 45 days later than the industry, it was released at least one month earlier than other manufacturers. Zhao Ming said, “I haven’t seen our R&D team work hard in this way for ten or even fifteen years. In terms of channels, Honor said that during the difficult times in the past few months, it has added more than 2,500 experience stores and special areas. The advantages of more than 30 Glory agents and distributors in jointly acquiring Glory have also been demonstrated at this moment. For glory after the reorganization, winning the domestic market is the first step, and the recovery of overseas markets is obviously facing a greater test. An employee in the Eastern European market of a domestic mobile phone brand told Sohu Technology: “At present, Honor is lingering overseas. The market share of Honor in my region has dropped from a high of 26% to 3%. Google GMS authorized Honor is also indirectly obtained. When it arrived, Google licensed it to Longcheer, and Longcheer produced it on its behalf.” Google GMS authorization is indispensable for domestic mobile phone manufacturers to explore overseas markets. Therefore, Glory’s attitude towards Hongmeng is also rather ambiguous. Zhao Ming said that he will pay attention to the development of Hongmeng and will choose the operating system according to the preferences of global consumers in the future. Can “Glory” continue to glory? The 9.5% market share seems to have improved significantly, but the above-mentioned industry sources told Sohu Technology: “There is still a gap. 15% is a watershed. Once it reaches 15%, the brand will basically lay a solid foundation.” The release of the Honor 50 series is an important “killer” for Honor’s impact on the “Watershed”. For this new machine, Zhao is obviously very confident. “This year’s Honor 50 series will undoubtedly be the hottest products among the hottest products. We launched this product during the peak season of the market.” “V40 is a transitional model, 50 is the big move.” A Glory retail terminal employee bluntly told Sohu Technology: “To be honest, we have been so busy recently that we have no time to eat. When new products are launched, we have several times the work on hand. There has been a dramatic increase, but the manpower has not increased.” Sun Yanbiao, Dean of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute, commented that the Honor 50 series is a high volume model. “Honor 50 series covers 2399 yuan to 3999 yuan, which is the most popular price range for consumers, and the positioning of the main video shooting is also very accurate.” Sun Yanbiao believes that other domestic mobile phone manufacturers are currently unable to obtain the share dropped by Huawei due to the lack of cores and other reasons. Honor has the potential to take over the Huawei market in China, whether it is from the brand level or the channel level. The latest report of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology pointed out that mobile phone shipments in April and May decreased by 34% and 32% year-on-year, respectively, mainly due to three factors: First, the domestic mobile phone shipments in the first quarter increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and demand was released ahead of schedule ; The second is that the supply of mobile phone chips in the upstream of the industry chain is tight; the third is that Huawei’s shipments have fallen sharply, and other manufacturers have failed to fully make up for the vacancy of Huawei. A consumer who placed an order for Honor 50 Pro at the press conference told Sohu Technology the reason for buying, “I am used to the Huawei mobile phone system, but I can’t buy the Huawei P and Mate series. The Honor mobile phone system is similar to Huawei’s, and the price is It’s also quite cheap.” Whether it is the recent night of Zhao Mingliang’s Qualcomm Xiaolong, or the global release of Honor 50, it can be seen that Honor is constantly sending positive signals of return. However, in this fiercely fighting mobile phone market, in the face of powerful opponents such as Xiaomi OV, Honor wants to return to the center of the stage and continue Huawei’s glory, and it will take a certain period of growth. Sun Yanbiao revealed that there is news in the market that Honor has cut its annual target from 50 million to 30 million. In order to achieve this goal, the first batch of the Honor 50 series should be around 1.5 million units. Next, Honor will release a new Magic series with high-end positioning and equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor in the third quarter. Zhao Ming confidently said that the core competitor of Honor in the Chinese market in the future is Apple