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The only border area between my country, Russia and Mongolia not only has the best grassland but also the first wetland in Asia.


“The green mountains of the extreme eyes are getting higher and higher, and the jade dragon is enchanting. The green of the horizon is based on the sheep herd, and a horse flies to the sky.” Whether it is the towering three mountains and five sacred mountains, or the gentle and charming Jiangnan water town, the tourism industry is unprecedentedly developed today. , Those famous scenic spots seem to have become popular places for tourists to go to check-in, especially during the holidays, there is a lot of tourists. How to avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowd and stay away from the constant hustle and bustle? Let’s go to Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia! It is the only border area between my country, Russia and Mongolia. It not only has the largest and most complete ecosystem in China, but also the only key development area for grassland tourism in the country. It is a famous and excellent tourist city in my country.

“The sky is the sky, the wild, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low.” The galloping horses, the raging bonfire, the lovely yurts, the fragrant roast leg of lamb…For such a scene on the grassland that everyone knows, just think about it. , Seems to make people feel open-minded. Hulunbuir Prairie, with a total area of ​​11.2667 million hectares, is currently the best-preserved grassland in my country and one of the four major grasslands in the world. It is known as “Jade of the North Country”, “Green Pure Land”, and “The Best Grassland in the World”. There are lush vegetation, vertical and horizontal rivers, beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. You can enjoy the sunset of the long river under the melodious matouqin sound, or you can enjoy the galloping horses in the shining sun. Moreover, the Hulunbuir Prairie is the birthplace of Genghis Khan and the birthplace of many ancient civilizations and nomads. Therefore, it contains too many stories and civilizations, which are worthy of our consideration, exploration and aftertaste. In addition to the endless prairie, Hulunbuir also has beautiful and spectacular wetland landscapes. The Erguna Wetland, located on the northwest side of the Greater Khingan Mountains, is “the best wetland for tourism with Chinese characteristics” and also “the most popular and most beautiful forest tourist attraction in China”, and is known as the “first wetland in Asia”. The mudflats with blue waters, the four seasons are graceful, and the geese and red-crowned cranes that are often heard in songs. It is the most intact and large wetland in my country, and it is the favorite secluded place for countless photographers. The meandering Mozhgler River has nine curved ileums, clear blue water, beautiful water plants on both sides, and unlimited scenery. Mr. Lao She has been hailed as “the first curved water in the country”. In addition, there are the reverie and ribbon-like 186-ribbon river, the Hulun and Beier sister lakes, which means “a lake like the sea”, and so on. Manzhouli, managed by the city of Hulunbuir, is the largest land port city in my country and has the reputation of “Window of East Asia”. Although it is located in the hinterland of the grassland, it has gathered more than 40 ethnic groups including Han, Mongolian, Hui, Manchu, Daur, Oroqen, and geographically belongs to the border between Mongolia and Russia. Therefore, Manzhouli is rich in the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia. Diverse cultures and exotic customs can be seen everywhere. The castle-like spire building, the giant dolls of a dozen stories high, the Russian girls all over the street, and the dazzling array of foreign goods… people accidentally forget that they are still in the country. In addition, there are heavily guarded border posts, the largest entity country that is awe-inspiring and proud, as well as the ice and snow festival that is not inferior to Harbin and the bright night view of the bustling city.