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The original 38-year-old Sun Li pretends to roll over!Wearing a doll-collar dress and changing hairstyle to travel to Disneyland, the lips are eye-catching


On June 15th, Sun Li left her child alone to participate in Disney’s 5th anniversary celebrations. On that day, her style can be said to be a change from the previous route of capable women. , It’s rare to walk cute and reduce age , But compared to the straightforward matte color style, This look on Sun Li has a good balance of elegance and stability. , The suitable age group is also wider, let’s analyze and analyze the highlights of this set of modeling together. Sun Li left his children to go to Disneyland!Hot wool rolls and plaid skirts are too tender, and they feel very old.

Wearing highlight 1: Adopt all-match light-color plaid design, which is more atmospheric

In many people’s impressions, the cute and age-reducing clothing colors are relatively matte, but this set of looks on Sun Li’s body is not like that. The overall tone is lighter, taking a mature and stable route, and also adding a large area of ​​plaid elements for embellishment and combination, which produces a good sense of elegance after being together , The top and skirt are joined with golden round buttons, maintaining a high degree of consistency in style, and at the same time injecting a bit of metal texture into the overall shape, which is very creative.

Wearing highlight 2: White doll collar with black bow, cute can’t hide

The neckline of clothes can be roughly divided into V-neck, round-neck, and one-word neck. Among them, The doll collar is undoubtedly synonymous with cuteness. Compared with other neckline designs, the doll tie has obvious irregularities, with a wide top and a narrow bottom, and the curvature is also very smooth. In addition, it also has the characteristics of a small V-neck. The arc formed by folding can also be very good Modify the neck line .

The doll collar design of this suit skirt on Sun Li adds a lot of color to the overall shape. After the white tulle fabric is combined with the light-colored plaid coat, The combination of similar colors not only enriches the color of the styling very well, but also keeps the style consistent, all embarking on a small fresh route , And the fabric is quite thin, put on the shoulders, it also reveals a plaid pattern, with a small black bow, the color contrast is bright, and the playful feeling instantly blows on the face.

Wearing highlight 3: The shape is crisp, refreshing and elegant

In addition to the design and fabric, another important point is how a set of skirts show a sense of luxury. , Sun Li’s suit skirt adopts a very wide version design, and the upper body jacket adopts a straight cut, although it does not emphasize the waist line too much, But it’s very show-off , Especially the handling of the shoulders, it is easy to create a superior right-angled shoulder visually.

The high-waisted skirt on the lower body is cut with a typical A-line skirt. As we all know, the A-line skirt is the favorite of the pear-shaped figure. It can well cover the fat on the thighs. When combined with the high waist, it can also highlight the sexy waistline. It can be said to be a thin artifact. At the same time, the style of the A-line skirt is quite varied. The ultra-short pleated A-line skirt is very lively, while the A-line skirt of duffle or satin material is more elegant. This is the latter on Sun Li.

After the hem of the skirt is slightly expanded, it can better modify the leg lines, and it can also make the skirt A little less restrained, Especially when combined with a straight-cut top, the flared skirt effectively modifies the proportions of the figure, and a pair of beautiful legs are immediately revealed when paired with black pointed high heels.

In fact, Sun Li’s look today is still very eye-catching, and there are no major shortcomings. The only flaw is that she herself has a heavier sense of age, and the scorpion under her lips has grabbed her attention. After all, she is 38 years old this year. After putting on heavy makeup, it is inevitable that she may be a little bit tender. The newly changed wool curly short hair style is not very suitable for her. If you change to a fresher makeup, I believe the effect will be better.

38-year-old Sun Li pretends to be tender and rolls over!Wearing a doll-collar dress and changing hairstyle to travel to Disneyland, the lips are eye-catching

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