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The original Japanese housewife’s resignation, delete the complex and simplify, pursuing a minimalist living condition


The Japanese housewife’s severance, cutting out the complex and simplifying, pursuing a minimalist state of life

As we all know, since the fourth era of consumption in Japan, with the occurrence of consumption degradation, it also means that the era when people obtain happiness from materials has disappeared.

If in the past it was to rely on the purchase of materials to obtain satisfaction and happiness; now it is just the opposite. The hoarding of materials does not bring happiness, but a decline in the quality of life.

Under such an opportunity, the Japanese housewife industry started with a wave of “dismissal” from the beginning of acceptance.

The Japanese housewife’s severance, by cutting the complex and simplifying, began to pursue a minimalist living state in daily life.

Get rid of the obsession with objects by breaking away.

In the process of sorting out, learn to understand the inner needs, also understand the real needs of life, and correctly shape the relationship between people and things. The use of very small substances creates a “small and refined” life state. At the same time, you can learn to “subtract life” while cutting out the complex and simplifying by breaking away. Now society has gradually transitioned from the former material society to today’s minimalist consumption, and the happiness gained from purchasing material has diminished. Excessive hoarding not only fails to bring happiness, but also causes a waste of resources and a burden on life. Therefore, reducing the amount of consumption and improving the quality of consumption within one’s own consumption power is a superior living condition. Matter does not lie in much, but in essence. Regarding this, after reading the above sharing, I don’t know how you think about the dismissal of Japanese housewives?