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Original Glory 50 released, netizens: Glory is no longer “Glory”


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Recently, the Honor 50 was released, which attracted a lot of complaints. First, Xiaomi Vice President Lu Weibing satirized the low configuration of the Honor 50, and the processor is incomparable with the Xiaomi Note10. After that, countless netizens followed suit, saying that the Honor 50 is not in terms of configuration or price positioning. All disappointing. Some users even ridicule: I have all my pants off, would you show me this?

However, some users expressed their support for Honor with the feelings of home and country, believing that the market performance of Honor 50 was not as good as expected, which was the result of the suppression by the US. Putting aside these messy voices, let’s objectively evaluate the release of Honor 50, the strategic significance of the Honor company after the divestiture of Huawei, and its actual market performance. Combined with the objective situation, it is not difficult to get a glimpse of its true situation.

Low price became the biggest selling point, other performances were mediocre

When the Honor 50 series was released, according to official disclosures, Honor re-adjusted its mobile phone product line, which includes four series, namely Magic series, Digital series, X series, and Play series, but did not mention the V series. According to industry insiders , This series of products may be cut off. If the news is true, it also means that there will be no V series phones in Honor in the future.

It is understood that Zhao Ming posted on Weibo earlier that he would use the Magic series and the digital series as flagships to benchmark the Mate series and the P series. It seems that V30Pro will be the strongest swan song of the V series, and V40 will bid farewell to tears. Today, Honor 50 is here as expected. Will it continue the “Glory” of the past, or continue to perform its swan song? Naturally, the expectations of many netizens are indispensable.

It is understood that in terms of the starting price, the Honor 50 SE 8+128 version is 2399 yuan, and the 8G+256G version is 2699 yuan. They are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor. Although the price is very attractive, it has no bright configuration. The hardest-hit area for complaints.

First look at the processor, this is also what Xiaomi Lu Weibing’s sarcasm is referring to. It unceremoniously posted a comparison of the processing capabilities of the Dimensity 1100, Dimensity 900, and Snapdragon 778 configurations on Weibo.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi Note10pro finally chose Dimensity 1100 because it is a processor with a flagship performance. If this news is released in normal times, there may not be too many users who care, but it is precisely in the Honor 50. At the time of release, this comparison undoubtedly allowed Xiaomi Mi Note10pro to compare Honor by 50 minutes.

As the saying goes, there is no harm if there is no comparison. As a public figure, most netizens in Lu Weibing’s remarks did not question, and the Honor official did not respond. Does this mean that he accepted such a comparison by default, and in this round of competition, Glory 50 has been defeated? In addition, the other configurations of the Honor 50 also seem to be somewhat unsatisfactory. For example, in the configuration that some netizens are very concerned about, the single speaker used in the Honor 50 has no wireless charging and no periscope lens. Therefore, it is also called offline by netizens. You know, among the serious enthusiasts of many digital products, the Snapdragon 778G is a proper low-end dedicated processor, but the high-end version of the Honor 50 is sold at 2699. The Redmi K40 equipped with the Snapdragon 888 next door is only sold at 2299. Realme GT also only needs 2499. In this comparison, although the price of Honor 50 is not high, it will have no advantage in the market. Therefore, despite the timely release of the Honor 50, it is difficult to predict whether it will be able to fight a beautiful battle in the 618 year-end shopping festival. The market is down, can Honor 50 save the overall situation? On the day the Honor 50 series was released, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released a data report showing that the domestic smartphone market shipped only 22.968 million units in May this year, a 32% year-on-year decline. This shows that the smartphone market in the second quarter showed a sharp decline. According to observations, this is related to the extension of the replacement cycle of today’s consumers. According to statistics, the cycle has been extended to 28 months. Consumers lack the urge to change phones and the smartphone market is weak, which has also triggered a serious “involution” phenomenon in the mobile phone industry. The most intuitive manifestation is that major brands continue to simply repeat at a low level. In the interview, Zhao Ming said, “Configuration does not equal quality”, facing major mobile phone manufacturers based on various chip platforms, multi-brand, multi-channel to grab the market. But a phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that more and more consumers are focusing on the scale and configuration of products, leading manufacturers to regard a good product as a stack of various hardware functions and configurations. However, blindly pushing materials seems to be difficult to satisfy discerning consumers. Therefore, whether it is the popular “cost-effective” play style of domestically-made machines in the past, or the impact of high-end accumulation core configuration, countless users have criticized it. Zhao Ming suggested that, regardless of configuration parameters, industry participants can put product features and experience first, and he hopes that the return of glory and subsequent product launches can quickly break the existing “involution” pattern. Even in line with Apple. However, no matter how high-sounding the official rhetoric, the eyes of the masses are discerning. For example, in the early years, Xiaomi used Samsung HMX 108MP billion-level pixels, and Honor complained that Xiaomi was in the wrong direction. However, the Honor 50 series rear main camera, without exception, all used Samsung HM2 108MP-level pixels. With the support of Huawei technology before, Honor said that it does not support the N79 frequency band as a fake 5G. At this time, the Honor 50 series that appeared as a 5G mobile phone, we can’t see the N79 frequency band. It can be seen that, in the technical field where domestic mobile phones are located, there does not seem to be any high-tech and first-come-first-served ones, but a mutual-learning “usage doctrine”. More ironically, before the press conference, the Honor 50 series 1+5+3 dialect single page was exposed. In addition to the five core selling points, even various marketing dialects are tit-for-tat, referring to the latest releases of OPPO and vivo. Reno6 series and X60 series. This also caused countless netizens to complain, and Honor’s operation was ugly. They also questioned: How did the high-profile posture of benchmarking Apple when it arrived at the press conference to run against its domestic counterparts, and the opponent was actually the glorious and unobtrusive OV Xiaomi. Is this the mind-blowing of a big brand that has a high self-esteem and is expected by countless fans? Perhaps the three mobile phones are competitive in terms of price and configuration, but the Honor 50 series can be described as “precise” in terms of details. As a mobile phone at this price, the Honor 50 flash memory is not equipped with the current mainstream UFS3.1, and the storage of lpddr4 is also a little bit. It looks shabby, and the performance of details such as plastic frame + Zhou Dong rain screen runs counter to the flagship experience. In detail, the Honor 50 does not have any commendable shining points. As a result, in the general environment of market downturn, Honor 50 did not give a satisfactory explanation to thousands of fans full of expectations after it left Huawei. Instead, it fell into the abyss of public opinion because of its various flaws. Glory 50 did not make a good start for the new Glory, and naturally lost its long-standing potential. I am afraid it will be difficult to recover the market share lost over the past year. What kind of medicine is sold in the gourd for the “Glory” that came out again? “In the past, we were backed by a big tree and someone held an umbrella; now no one will hold an umbrella for us anymore, then let yourself become an umbrella and take root and become a big tree”, Honor CEO Zhao Ming on June 16 After the 50 press conference, he sighed. Many people tend to think that for the past two hundred days, Glory has been in its “darkest moment.” According to Zhao Ming, when Honor was once brilliant, its mobile phone market share was as high as 16.7%, ranking the top two in the domestic market. However, due to well-known reasons, the supply chain encountered great difficulties, resulting in a mobile phone share of only 3% in April. At that time, the monthly shipment volume of Honor dropped from six or seven million units to several hundred thousand units. Operating cash required loans, and every Honor mobile phone had to plan carefully in the use of raw materials, in order to let the channel dealers stick to it. . Zhao Ming said at the press conference that the pre-dawn darkness has passed for Honor, and Honor’s market share has risen from the lowest 3% to 9.5%. Although Zhao Ming was responding to reporters’ questions, he underestimated the shadows brought about by the dark moments with confidence. However, feelings and feelings, business rules and business. Industry insiders believe that the current thinking of Honor, although the slogan is to benchmark Apple, it is actually the old way of OV, that is, it does not look like a flagship chip, but the design is good, nothing more. However, you must know that if you strip Huawei’s glory and focus on offline, you will also encounter opponents such as ViVo X60 and OPPO Reno6. Moreover, OPPO and ViVi’s offline channels, like capillaries, may not be able to pull the wrist of today’s glory. Looking around again, the glory of the online market has almost been divided up by the major players. In the past, Xiaomi went straight to Huanglong, followed by Apple’s dimensionality reduction attack. OV stood on both sides and sent its little brothers realme and iQOO to attack sideways, not to mention the four-sided attack of established companies such as ZTE, Lenovo, and Samsung. It is not excessive to describe the dilemma that Glory is facing at this time in a dilemma. Therefore, some netizens say they don’t understand the actual significance and strategic goals of the Honor 50 after the separation of Huawei. If you just wanted to tie its early brand status, Honor should have taken the route of high-end products to stabilize the people’s hearts. However, under the expectation of everyone, an “offline machine” with no new ideas and lack of bright spots has been released. However, in view of the supply chain crisis that Glory has encountered in recent years, its shipments have fallen sharply, which has also led to its lack of cash flow operating problems. Therefore, some people in the industry speculate that perhaps Honor launched Honor 50, just for quick realization. In any case, under the many expectations, Glory did not hold a big move in the event that took more than 200 days. But it exposed a bit of “little family” temperament. From the perspective of Honor’s long-term development, it may do more harm than good. Concluding remarks The glory of the past, like its name, is the pride of domestic smartphones. Not only has the same quality, but also has an excellent market reputation, and its proportion was once second only to Huawei. But now, the glory behind selling seems to have lost the original spirit. Without the glory of the big tree to enjoy the shade, it is no longer “honor”, but more is that you need to face the reality of internal and external troubles at the same time, first to survive and then to seek development. And the hurried launch of Honor 50, although it was too hasty, it was really helpless. To catch up with the mid-year promotional season of 618, Honor may be able to use Honor 50 to ease the pressure on cash flow and seek a ray of life for its future. However, whether it is the market’s expectations for glory or the development of glory itself, it is determined that glory will not be limited to this. I hope this is not a gorgeous start, so that the new glory can find its place again and get back that “honor”