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The original Liu Yifei challenged the new look again, Qi Liuhai with princess cut, was praised for smart and cool


After Liu Yifei participated in “Meng Hua Lu”, various activities continued, and the enthusiasm remained high. On June 14, Liu Yifei appeared in a promotional video of a fashion brand with a brand new attitude.

As the brand spokesperson, Liu Yifei also brought surprises. She successfully challenged Qi Liuhai and the princess to cut the shape. In the short trailer, she has an indescribable sense of luxury and a sense of rebellion, accompanied by a gentle but sonorous voice. , The temperament mixed with sassy and sweet makes people want to stop.

The black and white painting style best suits the temperament of a princess, especially when Liu Yifei shows off her delicate hands wearing gold and silver. The ring and the green jade fingers complement each other, and the bracelet on the wrist points out the partner of the Tianxian’s trip.

Compared to black and white photos, photos with natural colors are more suitable for her fairy temperament. There should be no one who doesn’t like beauties with rich colors in various senses, right?

After a big show of the styling, Liu Yifei turned around and left the camera. The appearance of striding away with a bag in his hand was quite a light walk home from get off work, and the smile on his face couldn’t stop at all.

Breakthrough is commonplace. Liu Yifei used her strength to prove that beautiful women are competent in all styles. There is no need to repeat the costumes. Whether it is the original “Sculpture” or the current “Meng Hualu”, her style is impeccable.

During this period, Liu Yifei also appeared on the covers of many magazines. Among them, there was a keel braid with a “satisfaction”, and the appearance of raising his clothes was more handsome than most male stars in the circle.

In the cooperation with ELLE, Liu Yifei challenged the girl’s pink hair color. She was obviously a pirate tomboy, but she gave a playful and cute feeling. The band-aid on the bridge of her nose was the most expressive.

In “VOGUE”, Liu Yifei returns to the simplicity and uses the most common makeup to deduce different fashions. The real beauty is natural carving, and it is pleasing to the eye as long as it is placed there.

In addition to cooperating with the brand, Liu Yifei took the opportunity of attending many events and left a lot of beautiful looks. Among them, the most dazzling is her wearing a “spring purple cherry cake dress”.

Whether it is the refined pictures produced by the studio or the photos taken with fans in offline activities, there is something remarkable. Liu Yifei, who switches naturally in the cold and cordial temperament, has a special charm.

In her free time, Liu Yifei has a passion for listening to songs, teasing cats, and tasting wine, which enriches the flesh and blood of the “Tianxian Frame”. The most prominent is the word “effort”, because this was taken by Liu Yifei when she finished working at three o’clock in the morning.

Don’t be afraid of being talented, but working hard even if you are talented Liu Yifei, who gave food to the gods, worked harder than ordinary people. His level of excellence is self-evident. It is reasonable for many people to like it and look forward to a better god.