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The original Porsche is a little scratch, and it will cost 120,000 to change the gearbox! The Zhejiang boss is puzzled: suffered internal injuries?


On June 15, Ningbo, Zhejiang. Mr. Li has a Porsche 911, the official price is more than two million, and the acceleration is 3.6 seconds from 100 kilometers. Mr. Li usually uses it as a means of transportation, and he is also very careful in maintenance. On April 30 this year, he had a small scratch while driving to work, and then sent the car to the official 4s shop for repair. He came to pick up the car in early May, but not far after driving out, the dashboard indicated that the cooling system was malfunctioning. There was no way, Mr. Li had to call the 4s shop and asked the trailer to be pulled back into the shop.

After inspection, the maintenance staff said that a small part was broken, and it would cost more than 900 yuan to replace it. Mr. Li didn’t care, and he paid all the costs. A week later, Mr. Li came to pick up the car again, this time the refrigeration system was no problem, and the gearbox broke again. On the way back to Zhoushan from Ningbo, the instrument panel prompts “The gearbox is faulty, there may be no reverse gear, and you can continue driving.” Mr. Li didn’t dare to continue driving and stopped by the roadside waiting for the trailer to be rescued. This time the 4s shop said that the repair cost 120,000 yuan.

Mr. Li could not accept and raised doubts. Every time the vehicle was delivered to the 4s shop, the whole vehicle was inspected and it showed that everything was normal. When the vehicle was picked up, the staff also said that it had been repaired. He couldn’t understand how to scratch, and finally repaired the gearbox. Is it an internal injury? Because the two parties have never agreed on the proportion of responsibilities, the vehicle is still parked in the maintenance room of the 4s shop. Mr. Li does not know what the vehicle has gone through during the maintenance process. He does not want to spend money for no reason. statement.

In this regard, Manager Lu of the after-sales department of the Porsche Centre explained that the first failure of the vehicle was caused by the aging of the vacuum valve, which caused the vacuum system to fail to operate normally. The reason behind the gearbox damage is still unclear, and it can be investigated only after disassembly. Judging from the phenomenon and experience alone, it may be caused by the internal sensor unable to monitor the gear change normally. There was no necessary connection between the two failures. The customer had doubts and it was understandable. The company also organized a negotiation. The company was willing to bear part of the maintenance cost of 120,000 yuan, but the customer did not accept it.

As for the maintenance process, Manager Lu said that the entire process was operated in accordance with the norms and standards, and the vehicle had not left the workshop. If the customer has any questions, the vehicle can be disassembled to see where the fault is. Faced with such a statement, Mr. Li said that even if no one has driven the car, it may be due to the connection of other electronic auxiliary equipment, which affects the sensor accessories and causes the gearbox to malfunction. Next he will seek a third-party appraisal and is making further plans. So do you think the 4s shop is responsible for this matter?

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