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The original Qiaoen Chen looks really tender, wearing a tube top dress with a half-tie haircut, looking only 20 years old


The matching of the white tube top dress is suitable for the young ladies of good figure, and they will feel very attractive when worn on the body. Chen Qiaoen is also very good at matching. This time, choosing this white dress for herself modified her body proportions. It looks very fashionable. Chen Qiaoen looks really tender, wearing a tube top dress with a half-tie haircut, looking at only 20 years old, the whole person looks a lot younger, you can refer to the daily collocation.

Matching of white tube top dress

Chen Qiaoen’s own collocation ability is still good, the matching of this white tube top dress can modify the figure to a certain extent, and white is a relatively simple color, which will not only feel very fashionable, but also feel very fresh, but white It may also appear fat, so you need to learn some skills when matching, otherwise you may also appear fat.

Irregular tailoring *

The tailoring of this dress is very unique, the style and effect presented are also very stylish, and the irregular tailoring of the dress skirt has a certain slimming effect. Sisters with a fat body can try it, and it will be a good modification of the figure. , It seems that the ratio is better.

If your hairline is relatively high, you can learn from this kind of bangs, the overall look will be very fashionable, and the face will look smoother, plus Chen Qiaoen’s own facial features are very good, so it is very suitable for this hairstyle , You can also learn from the usual concave shape.

Chen Qiaoen’s various collocations

①Classic black dress

As we all know, black is very thin and can effectively modify your proportions. This time, the black dress that Chen Qiaoen matched to herself combined with the white doll collar can instantly make her look younger, plus the pointed collar design Modification of the face, you can easily modify her facial features, and reflect the gentle and playful temperament.

② Tube top dress

Sexy tube top dresses can also modify your shoulder and neck curves, and this orange-red dress collocation will make your skin look fairer and look better. Not only that, Chen Qiaoen combined with a low-tie ball head. Hair style, full of fashionable temperament, looks very elegant.

③Suit dress

Tube top dresses require too much figure. At this time, we can also learn from the matching of this white suit dress, which is more suitable for women in the workplace, and it will appear very advanced. In order to reflect the fashionable temperament, we can choose a suit dress with waist design as much as possible. , So as to show your perfect curve.

④The matching of shirts

The white shirt sucks on the street, so everyone can learn from the matching of this black shirt to further enhance your charm, and the black suit with jeans shows a very simple and elegant style, which can also be worn by women in the workplace. Chen Qiaoen used the matching of high-waisted wide-leg pants to modify her leg shape, showing that her figure is very well proportioned, which is enviable. You can’t go wrong with a black outfit. For example, Chen Qiaoen’s black shirt and black leather pants show an elegant style. This black outfit is still relatively thin. Sisters with a slightly fat body can try it. . The matching of leather wide-leg pants is still very novel and fashionable, which can enhance your matching highlights and look more personalized. The styles of solid color shirts and striped shirts are different. Chen Qiaoen’s striped shirts are very slim and tall, and the vertical stripes can stretch the curve of the upper body, combined with white high-waist wide-leg pants, and the blue and white color combination of the upper body. It is more able to modify the skin tone and looks very fresh.

⑤The matching of suits

The collocation of a suit suit can effectively create a sense of high quality, and the tailoring is neat and advanced. The collocation of this pink suit will also look good on the skin. Combined with the white t-shirt, the layering is full, and the overall light color collocation will look more beautiful and fashionable. If you are afraid that the matching of black and white suits is very dull, you can learn from this light color series, and the pink matching is more white, not easy to hit the shirt. Chen Qiaoen is worthy of being the queen of idol dramas. The proportions and looks are enviable. Seeing the fashionable collocations above, you can fully learn from it. This can provide more reference for your collocation. Disclaimer: Original text, pictures from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it, thank you. Text/9